Thursday, 6 August 2015

The Blue Hues Fashion event..

Well I was going to title this post 50 shades of blue, because that's exactly what I saw when I stepped into the Restaurant Bar and Grill on Sunday night. You name it, Aqua, royal, sky, turquoise, every shade of blue was out and styled to perfection by the guests of the Blue Hues event.

Car selfie on the way!

This evening was set up by the Manchester Fashion Industry in order to bring together the thriving fashion, beauty and retail of Manchester. It was a huge success with so many bloggers, designers, and businesses showing their support. I did spot a few celebrities kitted out in blue for the night including Jorgie Porter, and Love Islands Becky, Chris, Cally and Louis.

Delish cupcakes from the night! I will find out who made these!

The stunning venue, which was kept top secret until the week before, provided a open top terrace for the fashion show to take place, meaning you could spot the glamorous waves of blue from the moment you turned on to John Dalton Street. Myself and Connor were welcomed onto the royal blue carpet as we entered the venue, greeted upon showing our invitation, which was kindly sent to me from the Fashion Industry themselves. We then had our picture taken on a white backdrop filled with the labels of all the sponsors of the event with these two gorgeous greeters!

Photo Courtesy of MFI

The gorgeous models of the fashion show were from Vanity models and did a fantastic job of showcasing some of the brand's newest pieces to hit the rails of their stores. Both male and female trends were displayed and were a hit with the crowd! I will be adding some of my favourite pieces from the show over the weekend when my internet at home is finally sorted (emphasis on finally!), it was difficult to get pictures because so many of us were trying to!

Little action shot of the gorgeous khaki bomber (need!)

The unique blue themed evening was inspired by the success of their previous ss15 Nude Tones event which went down a treat earlier in the year. The party continued down at The Milton Club until the early hours, and was just as, if not more glamorous than the first venue.

Snapchat selfie before we left! Loved this highlight Laura gave me on my cheeks!

I really enjoyed the event, I wore this royal blue shift dress from Missguided, and had my make up done by my gorgeous friend and makeup artist Laura Hitchen. You can find her blog here and her YouTube here.
Flawless nude smokes and lip (heart eye emoji x 100)

Connor wore this 3 piece suit from TopMan which fitted in amazing being grey and covered in a blue checkered stitch.

I'd like to thank Manchester Fashion Industry for inviting me to the event and I look forward to the next one!

Thanks for reading x

Sponsors of the event were;

Maniere devoir
Goodwin Smith
Rolls Royce
Vanity Models

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