Sunday 1 March 2015

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

I know what you're thinking, why have Benefit made another mascara when They're Real was so good??! That's exactly what I thought at first too. I love They're Real, it makes my lashes so long that I get mascara lines on my brow bone (annoying) but still, I can't fault it in terms of lengthening.

So what's different about Roller Lash, I hear you ask? Two words, The Curl. Oh that lovely curl! Haha. I have never tried a mascara that actually curls the lashes as much as this one does. It literally is a roller for your lashes. I was intrigued as to why I was noticing such a curl in my lashes so I decided to read up on it (geeky, yes). I found that the applicator is said to be a 'Hook 'n' Roll' brush that Benefit have created, designed to separate, lift, and curl the lashes. Amazing! The packaging is devine too, with the lid being designed to look like a pink roller, very girly and also good for grip when applying.

I definitely noticed a difference when using this mascara, and I especially love it for those Au Natural days when I don't feel like wearing any eyeliner. This mascara alone really opens up the eyes and leaves you looking fresh and ready to start the day. The formula of this mascara was implemented to set the curl in order to hold it in place all day, and it does exactly that. The only downside to this I found is when I wanted to top up my make up  slightly from day to night, trying to put an extra layer of mascara on seemed to make it go slightly clumpy. I suppose it is designed in hope that it won't need topping up though, so this isn't really a negative point that my lashes were so stuck in place!

Because they were so set though, I was worried that when it came to removing my make up at the end of the night I would have to really tug at my lashes to get the product off, but I was pleasantly surprised when it slid off with ease like any other mascara. This is definitely one to add to the Wishlist!

I have written this review based on the Free sample of Roller Lash I got in this months' issue of Elle mag, definitely worth a look, not only for the freebie but this fashion edit is amazing too.

Roller Lash is out in stores now, click here to go see it!

I will be adding more pictures to this review very soon, I have had some issues with my laptop this week meaning I haven't been posting as much as I'd like. Hopefully this will change as of next week!

Let me know if you've tried this mascara or Benefit's other new product Puff Off, as I am yet to try this.

Thanks for reading x

Purchase 'THEY'RE REAL!" here! ---> Benefit Cosmetics

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