Wednesday 18 February 2015

Top 3 favourites from that Illamasqua sale

So, as promised, I have reviewed my favourites from the Illamasqua sale I was going on about last week. I can't remember if I showed or mentioned everything I got in the sale but I remember being conscious that I was rambling on haha. So just to briefly run through what I actually got, (I will try to link where possible)

Multi Facet palette in Semblance
The Reflections palette
Precision Liner in Havoc
Pressed Pigment in Mould
Clear Brow and Lash gel
Lip Pencil in Uncanny
Eye Liner Cake in Zeal
Lipstick in Growl

Phew! Haha. Although I am aware that it seems ridiculous buying this amount of makeup when I'm not even a make up artist, It did actually only come to around £65 for everything, which  think considering there's two palettes and a lipstick in there is pretty damn good! My only way to justify it is that I don't really go out much on nights out, so surely make up is healthier than alcohol? Who's with me?! Haha.

Anyway on to my favourites..

Firstly, I'd like someone to tell me how I have managed all my 23 years of life without precision ink liner. HOW?? It's actually amazing. The foam nib makes it easier than ever to get that perfect wing, without having to press hard on the skin and glides sooo smooth! I've tried quite a few liners now in attempt to perfect my wings, but this one is the first I've come across that doesn't feel as though its dragging the skin along with it. It glides softly for an even finish, perfect! Havoc shade is a dark red but I mean really dark red so you cant really tell unless up close that it's not black, although I will most definitely purchasing this in black at some point.

My next favourite has to be the Multi Facet Palette. Even though I haven't tried every aspect of this palette yet, it's the products I have tried that earned place number 2 in the favourites. Brow cake is just to die for, no joke. I have tried so many brow products and more recently have been using the Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil which is great, but the brow cake is just so precise and easy to use. I applied this with my Mac 266 brush to give me as much control as possible, and I think these two paired together work a treat. The longevity of this product is 10/10 for me, as if you don't know I am a waitress, so I can work long shifts and be running around a lot. I find some products I use for work can disappear by the end of my shift, but my brows are always still in tact since using this.
 The highlight, shimmer and contour products in this palette are all perfect too. I may try, when I have more free time, to create a look using only this palette (and a foundation of course). Leave me a comment if that's something you would like to see. This palette should have been £45 and I got it for £13.50! Absolute bargain and I love it because it's so handy to travel with, it has so many different face and eye products in it as well as a huge mirror. Winner.

Here are a few swatches to give a better view of them.

Left to right:

Contour in shade Hollow - Base in shade Slink - Shadow crease in shade Tango - Pressed pigment in Dizzy - Highlight in Mirage - Blush in shade Hussy

My third favourite has to be the pressed pigment in Mould. Wow. I had never used a pressed pigment until I tried this one, and was actually quite nervous thinking I would over do it. I thought it would be best to apply small amounts and build it up to be as dramatic as I want. The pigmentation in this is unreal. It is a dark plum shade, so I had to be careful not to make it look like I had a black eye haha, but I actually found it really easy to use. The pan is so smooth, I initially used my finger to test it and smudge the tiniest amount onto the outer corner of my lid, then blended with a Zoeva eye brush. My god are these pigments so easy to blend! To be honest I thought they would be a nightmare, some shadows/pigments feel rough on my eyelids when I try to blend them, leaving my eyes feeling really sensitive. This was not the case at all, the product moved exactly where I wanted it to with the brush and was half of a lovely plum smoke. As you can see from the below swatch (apologies for poor quality) you can see how the product can be a really deep aubergine or a subtle violet depending on how it is blended. I love it!

Although I am really happy with all the products from this sale, this post would have been huge if I had reviewed them all haha. You may see others pop up from time to time though. In the mean time why I am still fairly new to Illamasqua, can anybody recommend any of their products for me to try? That would be great.

You can shop Illamasqua at Selfridges here
Thanks for reading x


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