Saturday 4 July 2015

June Favourites..

Yep, Junes over. It's now July. Where is this year going?! June was a great month for me, I turned 24, I was offered a new job, I settled into my new house. So I thought id show you some of my favourite things that I've been loving this last month.. 

This leave in conditioner from Aussie hair is perfect for the summer months. I've recently been trying to grow my hair, and because it has been a lot warmer lately in the UK I have been avoiding my hair dryer as much as I can and letting my hair dry naturally. Although I look like Hagrid when I do this, it seems to be working for my hair. This teamed with the leave in conditioner just after I get out of the shower is leaving me with super shiny, healthy hair. My hair feels thicker and doesn't split as easy when I brush it. Winner! 

Ahhh Daisy Dream. Pretty much what it says on the tin with this perfume. The smell is so fresh and bright (can a smell be bright?!) it is just perfect for the spring and summer months. I had this perfume last summer and have rekindled my love for it again this year. I just feel really fresh and radiant when I wear it. And we all know everyone is a such for a Marc Jacobs perfume bottle!

These two mac products I have been loving this month! Prolong wear concealer is my secret to a flawless base because I am prone to spots around my mouth and covering them with this using a beauty blender is an absolute lifesaver. I wish I could say I'm one of these people who only need a BB cream and mascara in the summer but unfortunately I'm not haha. The lipstick is Angel, and as you probably know I've been loving a few lipsticks in the past month. Angel is a beautiful girly pink shade from the Cremesheen range and is perfect to brighten up any summer outfit. I feel as though it's a lipstick Reese Witherspoon would wear in Legally Blonde haha. It feels really moisturising and glides on the lips with ease. I usually use Soar lip liner from Mac underneath.

Now I won't go on too much about this brush because I've done a whole other post on the set here. But this is the powder brush from Spectrum Collections. I love all of these brushes but the powder brush is great for blending all the contour and bronzing into one once you're face is almost finished. The hairs in these brushes don't stray either which is amazing because that is my pet hate with brushes!

This is the Clinique All About Eyes eye cream from the Moisture Surge collection. I will be doing a full review on this collection but I had to mention this in my favourites because I love it. This eye cream is designed to be used either morning and/or night to brighten the eyes and add moisture to the fave. Well it does just that and it does it very well. I've been using this under my primer in the mornings and I really feel as though my eyes are brighter and my skin is more radiant than before. I was enjoying it so much that I decided to use it in the evenings as well and I feel as though it is giving my skin a boost overnight leaving me waking up fresh and with much less obvious dark circles. I will definitely be repurchasing this! 

What have you been loving this month? Let me know in the comments I always appreciate recommendations for new products! 

Thanks for reading x


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