Wednesday 26 August 2015

A boost of freshness from The Body Shop..

I thought I'd do a quick review on this Vitamin E Face Mist because it isn't something I'd ever used before, but it's definitely something I will be repurchasing because I love it! 

I picked this face mist up as more of a panic purchase at The Trafford Centre a few weeks ago, they were closing and I didn't want to leave having not bought anything (sad I know!). As I said before, I've never used a face mist before, if my face felt dry I'd usually just moisturise or use a mask. Im completely converted to this now! I do still moisturise of course, but I find this is really handy for a quick pick me up. I leave it at the side of my bed and it's the first thing I use in the morning. I spray it 3-4 times all over my face and it leave my skin feeling instantly refreshed. 

Vitamin E is amazing for the skin anyway, it protects it from environmental pollution and also from UV Rays which is brill because the more protection we have, the less we will age! I have a fear of ageing so helping to protect my skin from premature ageing is a big deal for me ha. 

The face mist can be used as a boost of freshness throughout the day but is also really good at setting make up.  I ran out of my Mac fix+ recently and just chances using this and it definitely didn't let me down. This is a 100ml bottle and it feels like it's never ending!

I really love fresh floral scents so the fact that this has Rose Water in it is an added bonus for me. The smell of it reminds me of Fentimans Rosé Lemonade if you've ever tried that! It's not overly scented just a fresh, sweet smell. 

After using this face mist I'm now keen to try other products from this range to give my skin added protection. Have you tried any products from this range? If not, do you recommend any other Vitamin E products?

Thanks for reading x

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