Wednesday 28 October 2015

A first look at Urban Decay's Vice 4 palette..

The Vice 4 palette is here so prepare yourself for as many jewel toned shades as you possibly can..

So it seems we have a bit of a theme going on around here. A new palette comes out, I buy it immediately, then post it with crying emojis all over social media because I can never quite contain my excitement. Lend me a life someone please. Anyhow, the Vice 4 palette is only available on Urban Decay's website until tomorrow, when it goes live on other sites such as Selfridges and Debenham's. It only arrived on my doorstep yesterday, so rather than a full review, I thought I'd do more of a first look and share it on here because I'm only just looking at it now myself.

First of all, the packaging. Yes I am a sucker for pretty packaging but Urban Decay have taken Vice 4 to another level. When you take it out of the black cardboard, you're greeted with a soft zipped casing with a sort of geometric, metallic pattern over it, which is then replicated on the hard casing of the palette. It feels really secure because the lid of the casing has this spectrum style pattern built on top of it as though it is cut out, only it is double secure. You'll see what I mean from the pictures below. It has a huge mirror for a palette, and all the shades are printed onto the palette in the usual Urban Decay style, which personally I prefer rather than the clear plastic overlay that I usually lose.

Left to right: Bones, Framed, Discreet, Bitter, Grip, Fast Ball, Grasshopper, Flame
Deadbeat. 1985, C-Note, Low, Beat Down, Underhand, Arctic, Crowbar, Pandemonium, Harlot, Robbery, Delete

At a first glance I absolutely love it. I never really experiment with eyeshadows, I usually stick to my browns and nudes, but with this palette you have no choice other than to go a bit mental! It is so vibrant and bright, perfect for the festive season coming up. I love the look of the green shades, C-Note and Arctic, they are way out of my comfort zone but I'm excited to try them!

All 20 of the shades are limited edition, although a couple you may be able to spot are similar to shades in previous Urban Decay palettes. I'll be honest, I do prefer matte shadows lately, and this palette is very heavily swayed towards glittery shimmery shades. I am looking forward to trying the more shimmery ones around Christmas time though because the pigmentation looks fab. There are only about 5 matte shades in the Vice 4, and Bitter, a burnt matte orange, is by far my favourite of the whole collection. I blame Jaclyn Hill for the orange shadow obsession haha.

Double ended brush, to blend and smudge

Whether its greens, pinks, coppers or nudes, this palette definitely has something for everyone, maybe just slightly more for the more adventurous makeup lovers haha! If I use any of the brighter shades I will post them on my instagram or on my new Snapchat which is Wathayleythinks (minus the H like my Twitter due to the 15 character limit).

Are you thinking of purchasing the Vice 4 palette? If you have any recommendations for festive palettes let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading x


  1. I love all the colours!!!

    I would be spoilt for choice there - even the bright green seems wearable


  2. The Urban Decay palettes have always fascinated me! I've been thinking about the Naked palettes for the longest time and now there's Vice! Decisions decisions!!

  3. That looks beyond gorgeous! Can't decide if I want this or a naked one more now! They're so vivid and pretty :-)

    Teri-May xx


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