Sunday 15 November 2015

How to wing the perfect wing...

If, like me, you try your best, but you're never truly satisfied with your winged eyeliner, look no further..

 I am forever wiping off my eye makeup and starting again because either my wings don't match, or because I've got carried away trying to even them out so much that I have ended up with two black eyes.

I have friends that can do their liner in 30 seconds and it be perfect, but I'm not quite there yet. This liner however, is making it slightly easier for me to get that sharp wing without all the stress. This is the Carbon Black Extreme Eyeliner Pen from Soap and Glory.

The felt nib on this pen is super sharp, making it easy to sweep it across the eyelid and out towards the tail of the brow. I'm definitely no expert in this field, but the Supercat pen glides smoothly, and can be controlled when held correctly, to create a precise cat flick.

Depending on how you like your wings, you can use the side of the pen to create thickness, or the very tip of it for a more fierce, put together look. Either way it is long lasting and super Carbon Black which is amazing!

What is your trick for the perfect wing? I'm still learning, so I'd love to know!

Thanks for reading x

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