Wednesday 20 January 2016

A Mini Mid Week Pamper..

No it's not Saturday already unfortunately, however I thought I'd do a mini mid week post to keep us going 'til the weekend..

Let me know if you like this and I'll try to do more midweekers! 

Anyway, it's just a quick one today, but I thought I'd show you a little routine I have if I feel like I need a mini pamper session without breaking the bank. 

This is usually after my shower of an evening, with a candle lit and a cup of tea in hand. Well not in hand or else I wouldn't be able to pamper ha but you get the gist.

First up, body lotion. This is the Victoria's Secret Endless Love Body Lotion and it smells amazing. It's quite tropical but at the same time refreshing. I put this all over my body before putting my pyjamas on.

Next up, Sally Hansen Miracle Growth Treatment polish. When I'm having a break from acrylics, I love to use this to really protect and harden my nails after they've been weakened by false ones. It almost feels like a protective shell over my nails. They grow quicker and are really shiny too. Love love love!

Once my nails are dry, then I move on to my hair. I swear by Moroccan oil for the lengths and ends of my hair and since using it after my shower, my hair has grown considerable amounts. You only need a little droplet into your hands so it lasts ages, too.

Finally, I'll apply a face mask to my neck and face. Depending on which mask I choose, I can leave it on for 10-15 minutes, or sleep in it over night. I find that the Sanctuary Spa ones from boots are really revitalising for the skin and I wake up with my skin feeling much more plump and ready for the day. 

That's everything for my mini pamper! Let me know if you enjoyed an extra post this week, or if you have any other ideas that I can add to my little routine!

Thanks for reading x

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