Sunday 31 January 2016

The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit

Possibly the prettiest palette I have ever laid eyes on, and it's multi-functional too..

I did feature this Edit on my Last Minute Gift Guide post, but only very briefly as I hadn't used it to review it. The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit was mentioned more in December than Christmas itself! Every beauty lover either had it or was hoping to receive it for Christmas, and thankfully I was one of the lucky ones!

The Ambient Lighting Edit is a palette of some of the best selling powders from Hourglass, and is designed to give you everything to brighten, contour, finish and highlight your skin. Each and every one of the powders leaves a natural looking glow and a smooth finish whilst still adding some dimension to the face. What more can a girl ask of a palette?!

Iridescent  Strobe  Light - Pink pearl powder to illuminate
Luminous Flush - A rosey blush to to give a warm glimmer
Mood Exposure - A plum blush to brighten
Luminous Bronze Light - A medium warm toned bronzer
Dim Light - A really natural peach to sweep all over
Diffused Light Light- a pale lemon yellow to help conceal imperfections

The collection consists of two blushes, a lighting powder, a contour, a bronzer and a highlight. I'll be taking this to Iceland with me tomorrow (which is where I'll be by the time you read this) because it's just so handy for travelling with!  I usually carry a selection of brushes with me that take up all of the room in my makeup case, so to be able to have all of these powders in one compact is fab! 

 Have you tried any of the Hourglass powders?

Thanks for reading x


  1. I haven't tried them. I'm desperate though. They all looks so beautiful and everybody raves about them! xx

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