Sunday 13 March 2016

H&M Beauty - A Little Look..

H&M do makeup? Yes, you heard right.. 

I love going to H&M for homeware and comfy clothing, but I never thought I'd find myself going to H&M for makeup! It was only when I was in the queue to pay for my stripy unicorn t shirt that I noticed one of the stands with beauty products on it. And not your average plain Jane products, pastel colours and rose gold hardware. Yes I got excited and yes I had to pick a few bits up just to try them and see what the range is like! I didn't want to go overboard, and there wasn't really that much choice anyway to be honest, seeing as I've heard the range has around 700 products in the collection so far! I'm always a little skeptical when a fashion brand does beauty (although I do love Topshop makeup!) so I thought I'd pick up three pieces to try and report back on here. They didn't break the bank so it was no biggie if they weren't up to scratch. Here's what I picked up..

First up is this beaut eyelash curler. Now I have a Shu Emura eyelash curler and a MAC one, but neither have rose gold hardware and pastel colours on them! I thought this was so pretty, and I'm pleased to say the quality of the product is just as impressive. It curled my lashes with ease ready for my mascara, which stayed noticeably more curled throughout the day than usual. The only slight problem I had with this was the rubber grips in the finger holes kept falling out, but they do pop back into place so it's not a big deal until I lose them! This was £3.99 which I think is fab for an eyelash curler. 

Shades - Beige (although looks rose gold), Brown, Gold

Next up we have this trio of eye pens. If I'm being really honest I thought the packaging of these looked slightly cheap and a bit child-like. However once I had swatched all three colours that was forgotten because the colour pay off is beautiful! They come up in a subtle shimmer at first, but they are really buildable which is perfect for a day to night look. I think these would be fab if you worked in an office and you want a slight rose gold shimmer in the day but nothing heavy, and then if you're going straight to the pub after work you can add a bit more and some smudged out liner to take it to more of an evening look. They are tiny too so won't take up too much space in your makeup bag, winner!

Finally, I just picked up this little lip balm. Yes this does look like something a 6 year old would get in a magazine, but it was lilac so naturally I was drawn to it. It actually smells lovely, kind of like a coconut scent but also reminds me of summer (bad description ha!) I've used this a couple of times this week and it has kept my lips feeling moisturised and hydrated. I think this was around £1.99 which is fab and you get a little mirror with it, too.

That was everything I picked up from the H&M beauty range, I think it's great for the price and really affordable whether you're on a budget or someone who's just getting into makeup and don't want to break the bank, I'm sure you'll find something you love in this collection! 

If you've tried any others from this range that you think is worth picking up please let me know! You can shop the full range here.. 

Thanks for reading x

P.S - Phone case in the first picture is from Coconut Lane, you can get 20% off with my code WHT20 xx



  1. I wish I'd read this post earlier as I just spent £4.50 on an eyelash curler from boots and it's nothing like this pretty one!



  2. I cannot wait to visit H&M when I travel to Greece next month and try their beauty products! :)

  3. I cannot wait to visit H&M when I travel to Greece next month and try their beauty products! :)

  4. Those eye pens, wow!! Now I want them. All! :D Thanks for sharing x

    Holly ∣ Closingwinter


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