Saturday 21 May 2016

Kettlebell Kitchen, Manchester: Review

You know when you're in that pickle of wanting something quick and convenient to eat, but not wanting it to be too unhealthy? I've found a solution for us!

Fortunately for me, my friend Katie lives right by this new little place just outside the Northern Quarter, The Kettlebell Kitchen. 

When Katie first mentioned The Kettlebell Kitchen we didn't really know what to expect, but we went along anyway and I'm so glad we did because we loved it!

This casual little food place is all about eating clean, healthy foods. The concept of the restaurant is 'Eat clean cheat clean' so everything on the menu is either super healthy or cooked in the healthiest way possible. Usually when I'm eating healthy, I get stuck at 'chicken and veg'. I always assume there's no way of sugar coating it to make it sound nicer than it is, but coming here made me realise just how much variation you can have whilst still eating clean! 

It has only recently opened so I've heard, but I was really impressed with the organisation and the system of how you ordered and collected your food. It's a very informal set up, queue up to order and pay, then grab a seat or spot to wait for it. Everything is served in cute little boxes which is so handy for take outs and for carrying your food to your table without dropping it. Most people had gym clothing on, so you definitely don't need to dress up to come here!

Katie and I both went for the protein chicken burger which was served on a wholewheat, high protein, low carb seeded bagel (the name is just as much of a mouthful!) along with sweet potato fries. Might I add these fries were on another level amazing. Like, some of the best I've tried. You could also pick any additional sides, but me being me panicked when I was asked and just said 'boiled egg' hence the random egg in the picture haha. Katie obviously found this hilarious! 

They also have a 'Kettle Box' section were you choose a protein, e.g steak, chicken etc, then pick a base - quinoa, cauliflower rice, etc, and then a veg. It's fab for health and fitness enthusiasts! I would describe this place as fresh, fast food, something which I think is rare to find most of the time. 

The interior was lovely it has a very 'gym' feel to it, with the decor including kettle bells (of course) and little reminders of their concept dotted around. 

Overall the food was fab, the service was great and we both agreed we would be returning. I did leave with the nicest smoothie called Hydrate (I didn't manage to take a picture) which was made up of coconut water, lemon juice and amino's. This was recommended to me by the guy who served me, and was a fab choice because it was delish! He said it was good for detoxing too which is always a bonus. 

I can't wait to go back here and try other items on the menu, as they do breakfast and desserts too. If you're in to the gym or just like to eat healthy, I would definitely recommend trying this place!

Let me know if you like the odd food review in between the usual beauty posts, I'm just trying to mix things up a bit!

Thanks for reading x

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