Monday 2 May 2016

Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Palette: Review and Swatches

Anyone that knows me knows that I love anything to do with Disney, so when I found out Urban Decay were collaborating with them to coincide with the launch of Alice Through the Looking Glass, I was so excited!

I obviously have to start off by stating the obvious, the packaging of the Alice in Wonderland palette is like no other I have ever seen before. It is literally the most inventive and magical packaging ever to exist in the makeup world. All of the different colours, the sliding drawer revealing the palette itself, and the butterfly on top all add to the element of surprise, leaving us feeling just how Alice felt on her unforeseeable journey through the woods! 

Urban Decay did team up with Disney for the Alice Book of Shadows in 2010, so a relaunch and new exclusive shadows was always going to be a hit with me! 

The quote inside reads, 'I am not strange, weird, off nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours'. I think this is such a lovely touch to add to the design of the palette, because although the Mad Hatter does say this in the film, it also gives off a positive message to people using the palette that being different isn't necessarily a bad thing. Such a subtle yet powerful message, especially to their younger consumers. I was so impressed with this from Urban Decay.

I'm a huge fan of this brand anyway, and it seems I have unintentionally become a collector of their eyeshadow palettes. I have the majority of Naked and Basics palettes, the Vice 4 palette, and now this new addition which I know will be taking centre stage on my dressing table because it's too pretty to hide away!

The colours in this palette are literally to die for. I usually wear browns and quite neutral shades, but I thought the Alice palette was a good excuse to get out of my comfort zone and attempt to add a pop of colour.

The Alice in Wonderland palette comes with 20 brand new shades, and a double ended blending brush. The shades vary from cool toned neutrals to the perfect cornflower blue colour (metamorphosis.. LOVE). I've swatched them all below so you can see how they come off on skin.

Left to right: Looking Glass, Hatter, Lily,  Heads Will Roll, Time, Reflection, Gone Mad, Duchess, Bandersnatch, Dream On

Dormouse, Paradox, Kingdom, Salazen Grum, Chronosphere, Metamophosis, Cake, Chessboard, Royal flush, Mirror

As usual with Urban Decay shadows, the colour pay off is fab and the pigmentation of the brighter shades is really impressive. Some of the neutrals seem to need to be built up slightly more to create a deeper colour, but overall they are excellent quality. 

My favourites have to be Metamorphosis, Hatter, and Chessboard. The first two obviously are the ones I will have to play about with as I'm not used to using such bright colours on my eyes! I love that all of the shadows have been named to suit the Alice Through the Looking Glass theme, I think that's a really lovely touch! The attention to detail on the whole palette is just way above any other brand on the market at the moment. 

At £43, it's slightly more expensive than your usual £38 Naked palette price, however for 20 vibrant shades, beautiful packaging, and a double ended brush, I think that's amazing value for money. If you need to justify spending it to your self/boyfriend/ parents, just think of it as £2 per shadow and £3 for the brush. That's a bargain, right?! 

Let me know which shades are your favourites! If you have anything else from the Alice in Wonderland collection, feel free to recommend anything you love!

You can shop the collection here.

Thanks for reading x

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  1. When you divide the price out like that, it's very reasonable! I'm so tempted to get this beauty! I love the top row with the greens and the blue! xx

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