Thursday 24 August 2017

Maternity Leave Part One: The Perks..

My maternity leave is going far quicker than I would like! If it could slow down and drag itself out for a couple more years that'd be great..

Here are six advantages/perks/pro's/great things about being on maternity leave.. feel free to add more in the comments!

 No Sunday Blues! 

The most obvious - you don't have to go to work! When it's freezing outside you can decide to have a cosy day in with your baby, when it's a beautiful day you can go for long walks at yours and your baby's leisure. Lovely!

You get to know your baby 

In most circumstances, being on maternity leave means you are pretty much the main person looking after your baby for those precious first months. You'll get to know your baby's habits, likes and dislikes, favourite songs and games. You'll know them inside out and will have to share your secrets with other family members and friends when they come to visit.

Catching up 

In my own experience, there comes a point were you don't want to stay in the house through the day, which is a good excuse to catch up with friends and do the stereotypical maternity leave coffee dates that people who aren't on maternity leave assume is daily life ha!

 Bless her teeny tiny feet ha!


Chances are, spending everyday with your baby in the first few months will mean getting to see some milestones that your baby hits, for example first roll over, first smile, first giggle. The best things!

Bonding time

 This probably should have been number one but hey ho! Of course, the quality time you spend with your baby on your maternity leave will give you the closest of bonds, whether that comes instantly or gradually. Rosie relies on me for everything, and that feeling of being needed gives me a great sense of purpose and a reason to get up every morning.

Making new friends 

Maternity leave isn't all changing nappies and sterilising bottles (although this is a lot of it not gonna lie ha) you do get to meet new people when/if you go to baby groups and classes. Rosie and I were lucky that Connor's friend had just had a baby, so we now regularly meet up with Katie and Fearne. I actually love having a friend who's baby is so close in age to Rosie (Fearne is six weeks older) because you get to go through a lot of things together such as teething and weaning. They also seem to pick up cheeky habits from each other (screaming!) which we find hilarious! 

I am lucky to not have to rush back to work after having Rosie, although sometimes you do miss that sense of normality... and by normality I mean a few hours of adult conversation ha! 

Let me know if you have anything to add to this list, and look out for part two next week.

Thanks for reading x

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