Sunday 29 April 2018

Pixi By Petra: The Lash & Line Collection

Whenever I think of Pixi by Petra, I automatically think of their skin care and hydrating mists because that’s what I use from them most. If I’m really honest, I’d never actually looked into their makeup line properly until recently. 

I was kindly sent the new Lash & Line collection from Pixi Beauty, which includes pen liners, pencil liners, brighteners and mascaras. They have completely focused in on eye makeup and I thought this would be a great opportunity for others to see this side of Pixi, too. 

The collection consists of nine items, a priming mascara, volume mascara, 4 pencil eye liners, 2 soft nib pen eye liners and a brightening eye liner. Phew! 

So the first thing that caught my eye in this collection was the brightening pencil. As a mother to a teething toddler, anything to fake an eight hour sleep is a winner with me. I’ve used this a couple of times now and I really like it! It’s not overpoweringly white on the lower lash line it literally does just brighten your eyes and make them seem more awake. 

I’m also now obsessed with the ‘Rose Glow’ pencil liner, it’s more of a bronze colour which I think really suits brown eyes anyway, but it’s so easy to smudge into the lash line to emphasis your mascara more. I actually swatched all four pencil liners onto my hand and ended up walking around Tesco with them on because the staying power is unreal! As soon as they’re dry they aren’t going anywhere. 

The blue and purple liners are a bit out there for me so I may give them to friends with blue/green eyes to try because I think they’d suit them more! The pigmentation in them are fab either way though. 

When I first saw the mascaras I thought it would be a two step application process where both were needed to create the finished look. I won’t lie, I used the 3 in 1 priming mascara (expected it to be white for some reason) and it was literally identical on my eyes to the Benefit Bad Gal Bang. In fact it could possibly have dried a bit quicker and I didn’t notice any transfer onto my eyelids which I do slightly with Bad Gal Bang. It’s such a good mascara! I was shocked because I was running out of my others and thought about repurchasing the Benefit one 'cos I would never usually think of Pixi for mascara. This is straight away my new fave, so much so that I haven’t tried the actual volumising mascara as of yet. 

This collection is a complete underdog in my opinion, and definitely needs more credit because the products are all amazing quality. That mascara is a real game changer! 

Thanks for reading x 

This post contains gifted products however the review is 100% my honest opinion.



  1. These products sound wonderful - I've tried the lipstick from this range before but I haven't tried anything else yet.
    I love the bright colours of the eye pencils! x

  2. This range sounds amazing! I love that bright blue liner!
    Emma |

    1. I’m scared to use that one properly! Xx

  3. These are stunning colours! x

  4. I received these too and haven't had a chance to play with them yet but I can't wait, they sound amazing! x

    Gemma Louise

  5. They look fab. I need to try more Pixi products

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