Thursday 23 August 2018

Changing Up My Makeup Bag..

Does anyone else feel like they stick to the same makeup all the time because you’re just used to it and comfortable with it? Because same.

I like a medium to full coverage base, little bit of highlight and some sort of nude lip. Lately though I’ve been getting a little bored of it and decided to mix up my makeup bag and force myself to use some of the gorgeous makeup I had gathering dust. 

One thing I’m starting to love more as the weather cools down is blusher, which is so different for me. I’d said in previous posts that blusher just isn’t something I’ve ever been in to, but my lovely Mum got me this gorgeous Pretty Youth Glow Filter set for my birthday and I absolutely love it. There’s two shades, a pale pink highlight shade and a deep pink. I actually prefer the deeper colour because I only use the tiniest little bit to keep it really subtle. The brush that comes with this is so unique! It’s angled to fit the shape of your cheekbone which isn’t something I’ve ever seen before. It makes it easy to apply it though if you’re not the most confident when it comes to blusher like me. 

I’ve also been loving this lipgloss from Pixi Beauty in the shade Sheer Rose. I was kindly sent a couple of months ago a package full of their staple products along with some new releases and this gloss really stood out to me. I just need to find a liner that goes well with it because I hate applying any lip product without lining my lips first. Any recommendations are appreciated ha! I’ve been using a nude one just to shape them for now but a pink would be better. I love wearing a bright colour like this with a flawless, highlighted base and nothing major on my eyes. I’m very much one or the other, If I have a bright lip I’ll wear minimal eyeshadow and vice versa. 

I changed my base up slightly when I want a higher coverage and more perfected look. I still use the It Cosmetics CC Cream but using the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter as a primer when I want it to look really polished. I’ve also been loving the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer under my eyes and on my chin to add a little bit of definition. To finish I’m loving the perfecting powders in this Becca Be a Light palette which is just insane, I might do a full post dedicated to this palette because I love it so much ha. 

I think that’s everything I’ve changed in my usual makeup routine recently, mainly new products or the ones I got for my birthday. 

Have you switched up your makeup bag lately? Let me know in the comments any new products you’ve come across. 

Thanks for reading x


  1. I'm really bad when it comes to changing up my make up look and products. I've been using the same things for over a year now! I guess now autumn is just round the corner the darker lipstick shades will be making an appearance. Great post, absolutely love your photographs xx

  2. i have so much makeup,but end up just using the same things each day,i really need to use more of my collection! i love blusher,this one looks stunning! Xx

  3. I'm definitely the same, I'm so scared to try new foundations incase they don't work for my skin! x

  4. I'm exactly the same, I've been wearing the same make up for months! I'm hoping when it gets to winter I'll have some pennies to treat myself.
    Definitely do a post on the Becca palette, I'd love to read it x

  5. That Becca palette is so so beautiful, would love to see a full review on it! xx

    Gemma Louise

  6. Some of these products are my favourites! Like the Charlotte Tilbury glow filter and the Pixi liquid lipsticks! Beautiful photos too!

  7. I adore changing my makeup bag products up and coming up with new looks, thanks for sharing lovely! 🌸✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie x |

  8. I definitely find it's so nice to change up my make-up bag every once in a while! I just forget that I have so many more gorgeous products as well otherwise!


  9. I often get stuck in a rutt with the same old makeup too! I like to go for a bold lip and subtle eye too, that pixi colour is gorg!

    Lucy |


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