Friday 14 December 2018

Toddler Gift Guide..

As much as I love talking about makeup, the main love in my life is of course my almost two year old (wait what!?), Rosie. I’ve pretty much finished buying her presents now, I’ve tried not to go overboard because she is lucky enough to receive lots of presents from family and friends. 

Whether you’re buying for your own toddler or your niece/ nephew/ friend’s child, hopefully this gives you a little bit of inspiration. 

Obviously I had to mention Peppa first because at some points this year I’ve felt as though Peppa was my second child. We were bought tickets to go and see Peppa Pig Live at the theatre in the summer and she has been hooked ever since. We have quite a few Peppa toys for Rosie but I think the little sets at the park etc are perfect because it allows her to use her imagination and encourages her to play by herself and not always need me there. There are loads of these sets available, we’ve also bought the plane because Rosie knows that her Daddy goes to work on a plane and always mentions it when it comes on the TV. Cute! The picture shows the Peppa Pig Campervan because I've already wrapped the plane up.

Next up are some crafty items, Rosie loves to draw and colour at the moment, and keeps saying ‘look see Mummy I draw a picture!’ It’s the cutest thing! We are making our own Christmas cards this year so I’ve bought extra bits and pieces to put away and wrap up so that we’ve always got something to do on a rainy day.

You might have seen me mention on Instagram that Rosie has been asking for tractors and diggers for Christmas, I’m not sure where the obsession came from but apparently that’s all she wants! We picked this digger up from the Trafford Centre last week (it was a random little shop I can’t think of the name) but I know she will absolutely love it. You can get similar on Amazon and in Smyths. 

This isn’t something I’ve bought for Rosie this year, she actually got it for her birthday back in February and has recently rediscovered it. She loves this Piggy Bank because as you push the plastic coins through it counts along and she repeats the numbers. Educational toys are also a winner for me ha. 

This is probably an obvious one, but most children love books and new books always keep things exciting! Now that Rosie is getting older, she is listening more to the words of the story rather than just looking at the pictures, so I picked up an old favourite of mine, Elma the Elephant. If your child gets easily distracted or isn’t always interested in reading, you could always try singalong books or activity based books with lift up flaps etc. 

I think these flash cards are such a good idea for toddlers! These have numbers, letters and colours on them as well as objects that toddlers may be familiar with such as fruit and toys. Rosie is doing amazing with her speech so I know she will love this game, and it would also be a fab present for a toddler who maybe needs a bit of encouragement with their speaking too. 

Some other ideas are a kitchen or role play activities such as a tea set, toy picnic basket, or a trolley. Aldi is so good for that kind of thing! Smaller items could be colouring books and crayons or sticker books. I could write all day about toys and gifts I know Rosie would love but I think I’ll leave it at five ha! I hope you found this post useful and feel free to suggest any other ideas in the comments below. 

Thanks for reading x 


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