Wednesday 11 February 2015

An unplanned Mac trip

Who doesn't love an unplanned trip to Mac? haha. I went to the Trafford Centre at the weekend, mainly just to go for tea and the pictures, but somehow found myself dragging my boyfriend into Selfridges. It was 8.45pm and it was shutting at 9, please tell me I'm not the only one who panic buys at this point? Haha.

 To be honest I wasn't really looking for anything in particular, but I do love a good browse! I always find myself firstly looking at the new collections as they are the first stands you come to, and then moving round to the bases, then of course the lipsticks. At this time though, I could tell the girls were ready for closing up, so I decided to grab a Mineralise skin finish in Lightscapade.

I initially saw this in the Lightness of Being range, and it only really caught my eye because of its bumpy texture. When I asked for this though, it was out of stock, but the girl informed me that it was in stock in the usual smooth pan. The colours in this are to die for. Literally. Lemon yellow, pale blue and a really subtle pink all swirled into one to create the perfect shimmer of highlighter.

I also picked up from this range a gorgeous creamy gold eyeshadow (again, the bumpy texture sold me on this haha) in the shade Spiritual Life. I love this shade already because I think it will look great as an all over lid colour, or as part of a golden brown smokey eye. I'm thinking I could also use this really lightly as a brow bone highlighter too to define my arch a bit more. Winner.

The last thing I picked up was a lipstick. Can I just ask, has anyone ever heard the words, 'I'll choose you one' come out of their boyfriends' mouth at a lipstick counter? Neither had I until that day! I suppose it was his way of curing his own boredom whilst I was looking, which ended up working out pretty well for me. I did give him some guidelines, no bright pinks or reds, neutrals and purples only (this is a habit I need to break ready for spring). After staring at them all in detail for all of 30 seconds, he pulled out Odyssey. Well done Connor. Haha. A perfect Frost lipstick with a hint of shimmer but nothing over powering. A lovely shade of purple that wasn't too dark, exactly what I'd specified to him. He did well.

That was it from Mac, if anyone can recommend any neutral/plum shades for me to try I'm always up for trying new ones.

Thanks for reading x

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