Monday 9 February 2015

The Illamasqua sale

So I was flicking through Instagram the other night and I noticed Illamasqua post a regram of a look someone had created using items from their SALE. My first thought, why am I only just hearing of this sale??? haha. I don't really get excited by sales that often, usually when I hear the word sale I instantly think of rails and rails of last seasons fashion jumbled up in every size but mine. Make up sales however, are a different story. Just because the spring is fast approaching and we may be swaying away from the plum or dark red lip, doesn't mean they aren't an investment for the future. And if you're in England like me, you'll know that at the minute it's most definitely still winter, so I'm not ready to put my more wintery looks away just yet.

It's safe to say I did go a bit mental on the online sale, but to be fair to myself I saved more than I spent so in my eyes that makes it okay haha. I bought 8 things in total, including two palettes, a lipstick, a lip pencil, an eye liner cake, precision ink and a brow gel. Phew! I got all that for £72. I think that's pretty good going.

I will put some pictures down below, but I think what I will do is try out the products first (I'm more of a Mac kinda girl but trying to broaden my horizon a bit) and then maybe review the products I'm enjoying the most. I haven't linked these products because they were in the sale and I know how annoying it is to click a link for it to say 'out of stock' haha. Full shade details etc are listed below though.

I would definitely recommend keeping an eye out for sales on Illamasqua in the future, because it wasn't just your average 10% off sale, this was 50-70% off (hence the reason I couldn't say no ha).

Thanks for reading x

                                                Displaying image.jpeg

Eye/lip pencil in Uncanny

Pressed pigment in Mould

Precision eyeliner in Havoc

Reflection Palette

Multi Facet Palette in Semblance


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