Thursday 16 April 2015

Cleaning my brushes..

I'd like to start this post with an apology. I'm sorry for abandoning my little blog for like two months. The only excuse I have is that I started to replace the time I was spending blogging with going to the gym. On the plus side I've dropped nearly ten pounds, on the flip side my blog now has cobwebs haha.

So I thought I'd try to get back into it and share with everyone how exciting my Saturday night was last weekend. Yep, cleaned my brushes. Mental I know. Considering I don't work with make up and I certainly am no make up artist, it would seem I have quite an amount of make up brushes. I remember a couple of years ago I just couldn't grasp using brushes on my face, I always used my fingers for everything whether it be concealer, foundation or eyeshadow. This literally creeps me out now I don't know why but I just cannot bear to apply anything without a brush! (obviously excluding moisturisers, primers etc). I don't even know how I applied eyeshadow with my fingers?? But I did haha.

A couple of my friends who know I have quite a few brushes often ask how I look after them, hence the reason for this post. I know a lot of people use this method so chances are it won't come as a shock to you but if this helps one person then it was worth posting I suppose. Please do leave me a comment if it helps that would make my day!

So first of all I lay all of my brushes out on a towel, preferably an old one that you don't mind potentially turning an orangey colour.

The next step I do two different ways depending on my mood. The first and best way perhaps is to take each brush one by one, add a drop of baby shampoo to the bristles (I use Johnson's) and run the brush under the hot tap, massaging it in simultaneously.

If, like me on Saturday, you're feeling lazy, you can fill a big bowl full of warm water and sit on your living room floor doing it, just replacing the water every so often.

After I have massaged the shampoo in until the water coming off the brush runs clear, I then lay the brush flat onto the towel to dry. Not only does the baby shampoo give them a much fresher smell, but as it is meant for babies you know it isn't going to be harsh on the bristles leading them to shed. We all know there's nothing worse than a brush that sheds haha.

Once the brushes are dry, they can then go back into whichever pot or storage you usually keep them in. I just use these cheap ones from Ikea which I think every man and his dog has but they are quite pretty. I was going to try and be funny and say, 'which every woman and her blog has' but I think it sounded better in my head haha.

You may have noticed I have lots of different brands of brushes, including Mac, Zoeva, Real techniques core, duo fibre and Bold Metals collections and a few others such as Bare Minerals and some new ones I'm trying out from Jessup. Let me know if you'd like me to do a post on my favourites. If you read my Bold Metals post a couple of months ago, you may have spotted another brush from that range in the pictures above. I told you I'd end up buying at least one more haha.

That's it from me today, I'm hoping it won't be another two months until I write again. I will work on my consistency I promise ha.

Thanks for reading x

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