Saturday 25 April 2015

Battle of the bases

Ding ding ding! Round one, commence!

Just kidding, but imagine that. Two foundations battling it out to be the number 1 flawless champion. That's sort of what this post is about today, minus the boxing ring and referee haha. The idea of this post came to me this evening as I was taking my make up off. My usual foundation is Mac Studio Fix fluid, however I ran out of this at the weekend and whilst I am waiting for a fresh bottle to be delivered, I reached for an old favourite, Estee Lauder Double Wear. 

Now when I say old favourite, I'm talking obsessed. I used to use it daily along with the matching Double Wear concealer. It was only when I had my makeup done at Mac did I discover my undying love for Studio Fix. Now although I would recommend either of these products to anyone, I thought I would do a comparison of, in my opinion, the differences between them both. I will then come to a conclusion of which is my favourite. Here goes..

So first of all, Studio fix. LOVE. Like, heart eye emoji face x 10000. The coverage, flawless. I can be having the worst skin day ever and still come out feeling as though I can face anything when I'm wearing this. It is such a lightweight consistency, so easy to blend with either brush or beauty blender. The longevity of this product cannot be compromised either, although I do usually top up half way through my day if I know I'm going to be out for a long time, just to freshen it up a little.

Now I will say pretty much similar things about Double Wear, firstly the coverage is amazing. I've often felt as though I can get away with this without putting concealer under my eyes (when I'm feeling brave) because it is so lightening and fresh. The consistency of this is much thicker than Studio Fix. What I will say is that I feel as though it stays put all day, without needing to top it up at all. For example, now this is a bad example so don't judge. The other day, I woke up, put my make up on as usual, went for breakfast with a friend and popped to the shops. After this, however, I decided to go the gym and guess what?? I forgot to take my make up off *beauty lovers across the internet shudder in sequence*, I know I know, it will clog my pores and cause me to have breakouts, but I will have to live with this. My point is, 1 hour on the cross trainer, countless Russian twists and 100 squats later and MY MAKE UP WAS STILL IN TACT. Yes, that's right, the Double Wear was still with me and had not budged (and I sweat a lot too). Impressive, eh? 

I think overall though, my favourite has to be Studio Fix. I know I said the coverage was excellent on both foundations, but what has given Studio fix that edge is how lightweight it is. Once I have blended this into my skin I barely remember I'm wearing it. With Double Wear I find at times my face feels noticeably heavier. I don't wear an excessive amount or anything but I wear enough to give me a good, full coverage base, and I often feel as though my face is going to crack if I smile, not good haha. I have also noticed sometimes with Double Wear that it doesn't stay in the creases of my face as much, such as around my mouth and eyes, which I feel can accentuate these lines and make me look older. I wonder if mixing these products would give me the perfect base??? I will let you know!

Let me know your favourite foundations in the comments below, and what you think of these two too. 

Thanks for reading x


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