Thursday 4 June 2015

Zoeva Lip Crayons

Well well well... Whoever said Zoeva was only good for brushes and not make up was so wrong! Okay, so nobody actually said that, it's just I hadn't quite discovered their make up range yet. That was, until these chubby little sticks of pink flashed up on my screen (heart eye emoji). I wasn't actually looking for them when I stumbled across them online, but for £5.95 each I couldn't not try them.

We all know Zoeva are up there with some of the best quality brushes, so I was confident these lip crayons would be the same. With them being called lip crayons I imagined them to be quite drying and rough on the lips like a Topshop one I had a while ago, but they were, in fact, the opposite. These crayons are so rich and creamy, they go on like a lipstick but feel kind of like a gloss. The pigmentation in them is perfect, being pink shades I was scared they'd be too pigmented and look like i'd let my 5 year old cousin draw on me but in fact they give just the right amount of colour to make your lips pop, without looking over the top (yeah, that's right I'm a poet and I know it).
The two shades I got are Silly Love and Tender Rose. Silly Love is more of a coral toned pinky red shade (good description Hayley) and Tender Rose is more of a dusty pale pink. Both crayons can easily be thrown on, I've been keeping one in my handbag because they don't need to be really precisely drawn into the lips. I will say the longevity isn't the best, but that's outshone by the pigmentation and for £5.95 each I'm quite happy to keep topping up.

Above Silly Love - Underneath Tender Rose

Have you tried any of the Zoeva lip crayons?

Thanks for reading x

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