Monday 8 June 2015

The Wake Me Up Collection..

Hi again, for those of you who read my blog regularly, you may have noticed my posts have been slightly inconsistent the past couple of months or so. This is because I have recently moved house with my boyfriend and our internet has been delayed until July (sob) so until then I haven to keep buying more 3G, writing blog posts on the notes on my iPhone and then uploading them to blogger when 3G wants to be my friend. So thank you for baring with me haha.

Anyway, I've recently decided I need to dabble more into drugstore makeup rather than always  splurging in Selfridges, so I went to Boots yesterday and picked up a few bits from the Rimmel Wake Me Up range. Now this is more of a first impressions post rather than a full review as I've only used the products a couple of times, and I like to use them for about a week before I fully determine whether or not I like them.

Firstly, the concealer. LOVE. No really, I actually love it. I suffer from dark under eye circles and redness around my nose and chin so these are my main areas for concealing, and this definitely does the job. Today I used the concealer under my foundation in these areas, applied my foundation and then used a little bit more over my foundation just under my eyes for extra brightness. I applied them with a Beauty Blender which I dampened with Mac Fix+ spray. The product concealed my dark circles making me look fresher and brighter. It really gave my makeup a boost and a more radiant look, perfect for a Monday morning!

The foundation, in all honesty, I struggled with at first. Again like I said I've only used it a couple of times, and I think I only struggled because I'm so used to a really full coverage foundation (studio fix) so this to me felt quite watery and transparent. I'm going to keep using it, and maybe try to layer it subtly because it does seem as though it will be buildable. I shall let you know how I get on.

And finally, the mascara. Now in my opinion, the key to looking awake is all about the eyes. The skin can look fresh as a daisy but if you've got tired eyes, the skin will still look dull. The eyes don't Lyell lies! This mascara is perfect for really spreading the lashes whilst still adding length and volume, helping to really open up the eyes. The wand is curved to a number 8 shape to enable it to reach the inner corners in sequence with adding a cat eye flick to the outer lashes. This paired with the under eye concealer is the perfect work day cheat to looking like you had an extra hour in bed.

That's my first impressions of the products, I shall keep you posted on the foundation as I hope for my bank accounts sake that I can warm to it! Let me know if you've tried any products from this range and what you think of them.

Thanks for reading x


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