Thursday 25 June 2015

In a Mermaid's World..

I'm not going to lie, I've been so excited to write this post! Not only because I love mermaids (and unicorns, just for the record) but because all of these things are just so pretty. There seems to be a subtle trend this summer of mermaid inspired fashion, whether that be bikinis, bags and now even these make up brushes. I thought I would give you a quick run down of my favourites and hopefully you will leave this post loving mermaid style just as much as me.

So firstly, this bag from River Island. Ah I love this bag so much! It's a holographic clutch bag with a scale effect to it too resembling a mermaids tail. The holographic scales make the colours of the bag change depending on how it hits the light. The main colours are silver aqua and lilac which is perfect for summer. This clutch would look amazing with a pastel coloured outfit, but also with an all black outfit to really make it stand out.

Next we have my absolute hair essential, my Tangle Teezer. These hair brushes are designed to detangle knots in the hair with the least amount of damage possible. The bristles are all plastic making them perfect for wet or dry hair. I have a few different types but my favourite has to be this lilac and baby pink one. You can buy these in your local Boots and they're usually around ten pounds. I would highly recommend one of these if you're trying to get your hair in better condition because it's really helping me to grow mine.

And finally, I had to save the best until last. LOOK AT THESE BRUSHES!! I literally cannot even describe how much I love these. I know it's sad because surely you can't love brushes, but I do. They're just so pretty! This is the Glam Clam from the Atlantis Collection at Spectrum Collections. Yes that's a mouthful, but such a beautiful one at that haha. This set consists of face, eye and lip brushes, 10 brushes in total to help you create the perfect flawless face. My favourites have to be the flat top buffer brush, perfect for really blending foundation in nicely, and the flat top of this brush enables you to really work the foundation into the skin to avoid any inconsistency for a perfect finish. I also love the angled brow brush because it's similar to the Mac 266. This is perfect teamed with Illamasqua Brow Cake or ABH dip brow. All of the brushes come in the limited edition mint green colour, with a lilac to pink ombré on the brush hairs, and a Rose gold finish. This collection comes compact in a Lilac faux leather shell clutch bag, which I'll definitely be using as more than a make up bag!

Spectrum Collections pride themselves on these brushes being made cruelty free, so even more jusitifcation to purchase them!

If you know of any other mermaid inspired fashion that's around lately please let me know in the comments because as you can probably tell I'm obsessed!

Thanks for reading x

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