Tuesday 23 June 2015

My Birthday Shoes..

Yep, that's right. I hate to admit it, but I turned 24 last week. It feels so weird, I literally still feel as though I am 19. I don't want to be one of those annoying people who say they're having a midlife crisis when technically I still have the whole world ahead of me, but. And that's a big BUT. I feel so weird about it! It's such a confusing age I feel, because I'm no longer 21 where it is acceptable to juggle work life and hangovers and be commended for it as though it is a skill, but I'm not quite ready to settle at where I am in life. That's a whole other post though (possibly coming soon) so anyway, I did what every girl does when she feels slightly agitated about an upcoming event, and I bought myself some shoes. Yep, I got me some lace ups. 

Excuse my toes, but these bad boys are from Public Desire and I LOVE them. I really do. They are so comfy because they look a lot higher than they actually are, so I felt as though I was wearing a similar sized heel to a heeled ankle boot. Winner. I think the snakeskin (fake obviously) teamed with the laces gives them more of a sexy feel, they certainly felt sexier than other heels I own. I would definitely recommend these for a date night, but turning 24 with my boyfriend being away at work meant one thing, the birthday shoes were going dancing. 

Quick picture summing up my night, cocktails, food and blurriness haha. 

I stupidly forgot to take a #ootn picture but I wore the shoes with white topshop Leighjeans and a long khaki split side vest, glammed up with a bit of jewellery. For £30 I thought they were an absolute bargain, so much so that I ordered them in black too. My bad. Although it was my birthday, I suppose. 

Have you bought any new heels lately? Thoughts on lace ups girls/boys?

Thanks for reading x


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