Saturday 18 July 2015

Better Than Sex?

 Well well well.. What an assumption that is! Better than sex? Wow. My mum reads these posts so it's probably best not to go in to that debate, BUT.. I can see where they're coming from. This mascara is amazing. I had heard a lot of good things about it, however the thick bristled brush did put me off ordering it for quite some time. When I was in Paris though, and the pretty pink metal packaging caught my eye, I caved. I'm a sucker for cute packaging and this was no exception. I was sceptical but at the same time I did want it to prove me wrong as I had just finished my Roller Lash from Benefit and was looking for a new one.

The thickness of my lashes after just one coat of this mascara was very impressive. They were so intense and dramatic, a look I haven't gone for in a while. My lashes immediately grew and filled out making me look much more awake than I actually was. When I know I look more awake, I feel more awake. As stupid as that sounds, I feel as though if I'm tricking the world into thinking I had 8 hours rather than 5, I can trick my body too.

My lashes are naturally quite long anyway, but this mascara extends them that much that after a couple of hours I started to get imprints below my eyebrows off the mascara where my lashes have been touching. This is the only flaw I can point out that it is transferable but I suppose really that's my own fault for having long lashes. I do have this problem with quite a few mascaras so I know it's not just this one.

I absolutely love this mascara and would recommend it to anyone looking for longer, fuller and thicker lashes. I'm not very good at applying false lashes but with this mascara on I didn't feel I needed them anyway.

Have you tried this mascara? What's your favourite Too Faced Product?

Thanks for reading x

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