Sunday 26 July 2015

This weeks' purchases..

Just a quick post from me today, I thought I'd share with you a couple of things I've bought this week, mainly because I love reading other people's posts on what they've been buying!

First up are these brushes. Yes I know, I'm fully aware I swooned over pastel coloured brushes only three weeks ago. However ask yourself this question. What's better than pastel coloured brushes? Nothing, I hear you say. Wrong! Pastel coloured brushes ON SALE is the correct answer. I got 6 brushes for a total of £20 from Spectrum Collections. To me that is a complete bargain and I just love them! Some of them are so unique and fun to use.

I've been using the large fan brush to highlight under my contour with a setting powder to really foreground the cheekbone. The smaller one is great for me because I always struggle to set my powder above my eyebrows without dusting over them and having to redo them. The small flat top concealer brush is amazing I've been using this in circular motions to really blend in my concealer under my eyes. The other two eye make up brushes are fab too and obviously every girl needs an eyebrow taming brush, so why not have a pink and blue one?! Spectrum are fast becoming known for their pretty brushes and the fact that they are vegan and also cruelty free is just an added feel good bonus when purchasing them.

The other new product I've been using this week is my Beauty Blender. In all honesty, I was always scared of using these to do my make up. I'm not a makeup artist as I've said before, but I do love experimenting with new products so last year I eased myself into the land of makeup sponges by buying two mini beauty blenders from Sephora in New York. Since then I've vowed to purchase a standard sized one, and I absolutely love it! I wear a high coverage foundation which can often look a bit caked on if it isn't applied and set properly, but this sponge from Beauty Blender ensures no streaks or patchiness is in sight. Obviously, it helps that it's pink too so I was bound to love it, but the quality of it I have found so far has been really lovely and I would highly recommend trying them if you haven't before.

Let me know if you've tried any Spectrum brushes, or if you can recommend any other sponges!

Thanks for reading x

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