Saturday 25 July 2015

Princess or Mermaid? Mac travel pigments..

Well I like to think of myself as both, however these pigments are making me choose! I picked these up in a Mac store in Paris, which at first I told myself I wasn't going to buy anything from. Yes, blatant lie, which became ever so obviously blatant to my boyfriend when he saw my eyes light up at the travel size stand. In the UK, or more specifically Manchester, finding a travel size stand in a Mac store is like trying to find Velvet Teddy last November. You feel my pain? Good. So anyway, I didn't really look at anything else in the shop I just headed over to this stand, and to my delight ended up picking these travel pigments up.

I think these are such a good idea because I've got quite a few Standard sized pigments and I feel as though I will never run out of them! So smaller sized ones at a lower price are even better because you still get a massive amount of product that you will still probably never use.

The first one is Kitscmas. The most princess pink pigment you could ask for. I'm not one for wearing pink on my eyes but this goes on so subtly, yet catches the light in a really flattering way. The hints of silver and white blended through the pink makes the eyes glisten and gives that extra twinkle. When I first used this I used a grey toned brown shadow to blend it out so it wasn't too eyecatching but it gave that extra added 'attention to detail' effect.

These are the pigments packed on, so bright!

The second one is called Blue Brown, but really I think it should be called a Mermaid's Tail because I feel like this is exactly the colour I would imagine a mermaid's scaley tail to look like. This colour is so versatile because depending on what light you see it in it can look blue, green, purple, brown and probably others too. It's so shimmery! I love it because I consider myself to be a girly girl, but I think girls who like to wear makeup but not your obvious pinks and purples would like it too because it's not over the top. It can be worn packed on to some shadow primer (I like urban decays eye primer) for a dramatic smokey eye, or blended out to be a less obvious, date night subtle smokey eye.

These are the pigments smudged out

I've tried to include a photo of it packed and a photo of it smudged to give you an idea on how it would look. I'm not a makeup artist so I don't like to post it actually on in case I get criticised! Maybe in the future I will be brave haha.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know which you prefer and if you have any recommendation for travel size products!

Thanks for reading x

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