Tuesday 18 August 2015

A couple of Charlotte Tilbury products..

I thought I'd do a quick review on a couple of Charlotte Tilbury products I purchased last week because I don't actually think I've shown you anything Charlotte Tilbury yet on my blog! I have a few lipsticks and the cleansing balm (which will be a separate review at some point) but last week I added a couple of extra things.

To be honest, I didn't actually go to the Trafford Centre with a plan to splurge on Charlotte Tilbury. However, the pop up stand was outside Selfridges and that's when I noticed they now have an official Charlotte Tilbury counter, at last! Obviously, I got excited, Connor knows the drill by now. There's no point him saying the usual, 'you've got too much makeup' etc etc. This was new. There were limited edition pieces. Sh*t just got serious. Haha. 

So anyway, I decided to pick up a couple of bits and not go too crazy because I was originally only going to pick up my foundation from the Mac counter anyway. Here's what I got..

The famous Filmstar Bronze and Glow has been brought out in a cream version, which is perfect for the warmer weather (when we have it)  because I like to go for more of a dewy look rather than a matte look from powder. The cream version is in the shade Suntan and Sunlight and it is gorgeous! It is similar to the original having one side for contour and the other for highlight, however I have found the cream version much easier to blend into my skin with a damp beauty blender. I just find it gives more of a subtle contour that catches the light a bit more than when I've used powder products. It does take a bit more time in my opinion, because I'm not too confident using cream products, I prefer to build it up gradually rather than slapping a load on and blending it for ages, I'm too scared to do that! I'd recommend working the Suntan shade into the skin in upward circular motions from the bottom of the cheekbone, and the Sunlight patted along the top to highlight. As I've said before, I'm not a makeup artist this is just personal opinion on how it's worked best for me.

The image on the front of the packaging is from the May issue of Vogue in 1975, with Jerry Hall on the cover. I love this because the packaging continues to look classy and sophisticated as with all Charlotte Tilbury products, but the images give a retro feel to this collection, almost as though it's a keepsake. Charlotte teamed up with Norman Parkinson's archive to produce the images on all of this new collection. You can also get a matching makeup bag to this contour duo but I couldn't justify another makeup bag! 

Just a quick swatch of the 'Jean' cream shadow

The second thing I bought was this Eyes to Mesmerise cream eyeshadow pot. Charlotte designed these to create a 'maximum impact with minimum effort' look and that's exactly what they do. I always use brushes to apply any type of makeup, but I actually found that using my finger to swipe over each eye with this worked perfectly. I got this in the shade Jean, which is like a rose gold metallic shade. I love it because they are so sheen, and because of this it doesn't just look like a flat shade, it looks as though more depth has been added. You could still smoke this out with darker shades too maybe in the colder months, but for now I'm enjoying wearing it alone. I'm loving cream eyeshadows at the minute because they seem to last for ages on me and of course you don't need to worry about any fall out when applying. The glass pot adds to the luxurious feel you get with all Charlotte Tilbury packaging which is just an added bonus if you're a sucker for cute packaging like me ha. 

Have you tried anything from the Norman Parkinson collection? 

Thanks for reading x


  1. I only recently come across these products as a newbie blogger, and they look fab. The cream eyeshadow looks great from your review

    Stacey * unicornmummy.com

  2. Oh really! Yes they are lovely, especially as a payday treat! xx

  3. I've been eying up this bronze for a while (typically summer has now gone) but with already having the powder I couldn't justify it. With how great you've made it sound I think this will be a cheeky weekend purchase. Thank you :)



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