Saturday 15 August 2015

Bem Brasil Relaunch!

So last Thursday I was fortunate enough to be invited to the relaunch of Bem Brasil restaurant in Altrincham. I've been to the Bem Brasil in Liverpool a few times and loved it, so of course I was made up to have been invited along!

Colourful fruit platter served on the night

The glamorous door girls!

Upon arrival, Laura and I were greeted by two gorgeous ladies in Brazilian inspired outfits. They looked so good and were really welcoming! We were handed a glass of Prosecco and ushered to our table. Unbeknownst to me I was sat next to Happy Mondays lead singer Rowetta! Myself and Laura were completely oblivious to this, and to the fact that there was Manchester United and Liverpool players walking past us all night haha!

A Brasilian cocktail, and a water because I was driving ha

So if you've never been to Bem Brasil before, here's how it works. You have a drinks coaster, one side is red, one side is green. There are waiters walking round with huge kebab sticks with a different meat on each one. Meats such as steak, chicken, sausage, ribs, pork etc. I think in total there are at least 10 if not more to choose from. If your coaster is turned to red, the waiters will assume you don't want to be offered any meats. If your coaster is turned to green, the waiters will assume you are ready for more meat. They will walk by your table and offer you some, to which you can either accept or politely decline. I think I pretty much tried everything (shock) except the chicken heart because well, just no!

There is also a buffet style selection at the back of the restaurant which is unlimited (pic  above), where you can fill up on different sides such as rice, meatballs, veg and bread etc to accompany your meat.

I have to say my favourite of everything has to be the cinnamon pineapple they bring out on the skewers. I enjoyed having this towards the end of my meal with it being sweeter, plus it feels like you're having a dessert, only this is completely guilt free ha!

The staff at the restaurant were unreal, they couldn't do enough for us and they didn't stop smiling even when they were super busy. Myself and Laura were actually ready to leave when our waitress suggested we had one last drink, and who can say no to complimentary drinks?! Certainly not us haha.

Photo courtesy of Steph from Ledigo PR

Of course we were socialising and taking pictures for the majority of the night, however we did spot a familiar face sat just to the side of us. It was This Morning presenter Jake Quickenden and his gorgeous girlfriend Danielle Fogarty, who may I add had the same lace up heels on as me but in black!

Dark picture but this was the magician playing a trick on Laura, he was so good!

With live music from the band playing in the background, we had the privilege of Magician CrossMagic playing a trick on us, leaving Laura and I for the first time that night, completely speechless! He was great and continued to share his magic with the other tables.

Overall we had the best night, I couldn't recommend this place enough the food, cocktails, entertainment and service because it was all amazing!

Special thanks to Stephanie at LedigoPR for inviting me!

Thanks for reading x

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