Saturday 5 September 2015

The new Tanya Burr Collection..

And the winner of the cutest makeup packaging goes to..

The Tanya Burr Collection. Isn't this just the prettiest collection you've ever seen?! I picked up a few products from the new collection to give you an insight into what it has to offer. The range in total, consists of 11 lipglosses, 4 lashes, 3 eyeshadow palettes, 12 nail polishes and a brow palette. Phew!
I have a Tanya Burr lipgloss from her last collection and I really liked it, which is why I decided to indulge in some of her dreamiest products yet. I haven't used them enough to do a full review yet, but I thought I'd still show you what I got. Here goes..

So first up, We have the lipglosses. Champagne Toast is a peachy pink colour with tiny glitter particles running through it. On the lips, it does come across quite sheer, with only a tiny hint of the peachy colour coming through. This is perfect if you just want that extra shine on your lips, or would be lovely over a lipstick of your choice.

Then we have Picnic In the Park. This is more of a deep coral pink, with no glitter particles but is still super glossy. The colour pay off on this is amazing you literally need a quick swish of the wand over your lips and you're ready to go! The added bonus of these glosses is that they smell like candyfloss, which for me, is always a winner haha.

Top two in palette - Cream Tea, Velvet Cushion
Bottom two in palette - Alohomora, Witches Cat

Next up, the Fairytale eyeshadow palette. If you're new to makeup and are wandering what palette to try first, I would definitely recommend this! It's so versatile you have everything you need to create some everyday looks, as well as some evening smoky looks. The four shades are really well pigmented, I often find with drugstore palettes I'm never overly impressed with the pigmentation an end up not using them, however the swatches below are just one swipe of each colour. They are fab! The palette consists of 3 matte shades and a shimmer. The darker one could double up as an eyeliner too when used with an angled brush. The heart shaped mirror inside the lid is the icing on top of the cake with this palette it's just so bloody cute!

Now, you may have noticed everything in the collection has the prettiest, most girly names possible so far, right? So what if I told you the shades of these nail polishes are called Little Duck and Duvet Day? Cuteness overload right here! Tanya helped to name all of the shades of products based on her favourite things. Duvet Day is a pale grey-blue colour. It reminds me of Blue Tac but slightly more grey ha. I think this is a really good transition colour from the summer to autumn because although it is a pastel colour, the grey tones in it will bring out a colder, almost wintery feel when teamed with a cosy knit.

Little Duck is like a dark mint green colour in the bottle, however when it is applied it looks slightly lighter. I actually prefer the colour on my nail to in the bottle for some reason! I'm not a massive fan of green anyway but I wanted to try this one and it is really lovely and shiny. 

The final product I purchased from the collection are these lashes. I'm not going to lie, I picked this pack over the other three purely because of the name. Bambi Eyes. I just love Bambi haha. I haven't worn these yet, but I think they look so natural and separated. I don't really like dramatic lashes on myself personally, so I think these will feel more comfortable on me. I don't wear lashes that often either, (mainly because I can't apply them properly *sobs*) so when I do wear these I think I will feel at ease knowing they aren't too big.

That's everything I have from the new collection so far. If you recommend anything else please let me know! I will leave a link here to this collection, it's really affordable and the daintiest little collection you could possibly add to your dressing table.

Thanks for reading x


  1. Love this post - I can't wait to try the products since the relaunch! I love that you picked Bambi eyes because of the name.. I would've done the same! x

    1. Thank you Hannah! Haha yes I love anything Disney so the name was definitely a selling point! xx

  2. Ah so excited to see this post as I've just bought a few of her products, they're so so niceeee!!! I also got the duvet day nail varnish, the name is so cute lol!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. Thanks Becky! I know all the names are so cute aren't they! Duvet Day makes me want to just lie in bed and paint my nails haha xx


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