Wednesday 9 September 2015

August Favourites..

Just a quick post today, a few things I've been loving in the past month. To be honest, I had loads I could mention but I thought I'd narrow it down to five. Five's a good number, right? Anyway, here's some of my favourite things..

First up, it's my home girl Mary Lou. I'm just not bad ass enough to pull that off am I?! Sorry. But it's true! She hasn't left my side since I ordered her from Feel Unique a couple of weeks ago. This is the Mary Lou Manizer from The Balm. I first heard of this when I was going to the Blue Hues event in Manchester, and I booked Laura for my make up done. She swept this over my cheeks and I was glowing all night. I don't know about anyone else but, if I go for my make up done professionally, I love knowing every product they've used on me so that throughout the night if there's something I'm  particularly loving, I will purchase it myself. Mary Lou won that night hands down. Seeing as I can't yet get hold of the Jaclyn Hill x Becca Champagne Pop in the UK, it is the Mary Lou Manizer that is stopping me from forking out shipping costs for it! This one is also a light champagne colour, and a little goes a long way with it I think! I've been using it on my cheeks and brow bone and I think its fab.

My next favourite was kind of an accidental purchase. Connor and I were at the Trafford Centre and noticed that Selfridges now had an Urban Decay counter. Naturally, I marched us over in search for the Naked Smoky palette, only to find I was a week early. Eager little beaver I know. I carried on browsing their counter though, and that's when I spotted this. The Naked Skin concealer.
Now I'd heard mixed reviews on this and the foundation to go with it, but I thought I'd see for myself if I liked it. I'm SO glad I did because it is my lifesaver. If you've been reading my blog a while you will know I love my Mac Prolong wear concealer, but this is now up there as a holy grail! It has a really creamy texture, kind of similar to the Nars Creamy Concealer, and amazing coverage. I've been using it on any breakouts, and then on the outer circles of my eyes. So prolong wear in a downward  triangle under my eyes, then this on the outsides of the triangle. Am I making sense?! Haha. This is just the way I do it I'm not saying it's correct I just find this way works best to keep me looking less tired and more fresh faced. I then set this with the Anastasia Beverley Hills Banana Powder which is another massive favourite.

So remember last October/ November when we all went mental searching for the likes of Soar, Whirl and Velvet Teddy? I had the same frantic panic the other day when my sister text me saying Whirl Lipstick was now in stock online. Like, the lip liner, in lipstick form. WHAAAT. I shouldn't have got this excited but I did and it got ordered and now its here on my lips and blog and now I can breathe. I won't say much about this, other than the colour is gorgeous, under any of the 'your lips but better' lip liners. Basically, if you love Whirl lip liner, you will love this.

My next fave is this Arched Powder 100 Bold Metal brush from Real Techniques. I did a post on them a while ago, but I feel like I stopped using this brush for a while have rediscovered it lately. I blame Mary Lou for this actually, I've been obsessed with using this brush to pat the highlighter really lightly onto my cheeks. It was such a big surface that it's perfect because you can get just the right amount onto your cheek bones to help brighten the face.

My final favourite is something I got at the end of August just last week, and it is Duvet Day nail polish from Tanya Burr Cosmetics (Update: unfortunately this polish is now discontinued, so I save it only for very special days!) I have more pictures of this here, but I had to mention it because I'm obsessed with this pale blue-grey colour! As I said in my other post I think this is a great colour to take with you from summer to Autumn. I'll definitely still be using it in the winter months. It's really inexpensive to which is an added bonus!

Let me know what you've been loving this month, or if you've tried any of my faves!

Thanks for reading x

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