Monday 19 October 2015

Afternoon tea in Manchester - Richmond Tea Rooms

Okay so this isn't a beauty related post, but it is probably the cutest little place I know..

 so  I wanted to tell everyone about it. Remember when you were little and you used to imagine what it would be like to actually go on an adventure like Alice from Alice in Wonderland? Please don't tell me I'm alone in this haha. Well anyway, when you step into Richmond Tea Rooms you leave reality at the door and embark upon the greatest, tastiest little adventure you could possibly imagine.

I'll be honest, when it comes to anything Disney related I tend to be slightly dramatic and exaggerate, but once you see the pictures you'll know exactly what I mean. From the trees with miniature bottles of Hendrix hanging from them with 'Drink Me' labels, to the odd Queen of Hearts dotted about the rooms, you definitely feel like you've entered Wonderland.

I've been coming to the tea rooms for about 18 months now, and it never disappoints. You can find it just behind Canal Street, right at the heart of Manchester's infamous Gay Village. I like to think of it as a well kept secret, as you only really hear of it through word of mouth. I think I actually found it through a blog post of hidden places in Manchester (I will try to find it and link in below).

So as you've probably guessed, the speciality of Richmond Tea Rooms is the delightful afternoon tea. From mini sandwiches, cakes and treats, to soups, quiches and clubs, there's something to satisfy everyone's appetite. I love that the scones come still warm as though they have been freshly baked. It isn't just afternoon tea party style lunch you can have though, you can also indulge in full sandwiches, doorstop slices of cake, and of course cocktails and milkshakes. As you can see from the pictures we chose cocktails!

We prebooked our table so we were lucky enough to be sat in the green house area, whicch is like a private table  slightly set aside from the others. I had the Queen's Tea which consisted of four finger sandwiches and 4 mini desserts. It was so cute!

When you are sat waiting for your food to arrive you can't help but just stare in awe at the decor, it's so unique and everywhere is different wherever you look. It was a very British, traditional luxury feel to it, but you also feel really comfortable. The music is similar to the beginning of old Disney films, which I loved! If you know me well you can imagine I'm in my element when I'm there haha.

Sorry if I've rambled in this post I was just so excited to finally talk about it on my blog. Let me know if you've ever been here before or if you recommend any other places to have afternoon tea.

Thanks for reading x

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  1. Oh my goodness!! This literally looks like the most perfect little place! Wish I lived nearer! Cocktails too, who can complain? ;)

    Tania | x


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