Monday 12 October 2015

Autumn makeup inspo..

Warning: Excessive amounts of autumnal makeup. May lead to cravings of pumpkin spiced lattes, tights, and all things plum coloured..

Just a quick post today, I've been really busy lately which is why I haven't blogged. To be honest, I probably could have thrown a couple of posts together, but I didn't want them to feel rushed or have bad quality pictures just because I've been busy. As I've said before I take all my photos with my camera (Nikon J5) which is a lot more time consuming than snaps off of my iPhone, but I find the pictures (especially swatches) to be much better quality. Quality not quantity, right?

Anyway, I wanted to do a small post today to kind of brainstorm some Autumnal makeup that I have in hope that it will inspire some future makeup looks for myself and for anyone reading. I thought I'd just quickly show a few products of some of my favourite Autumn/Fall makeup, so prepare yourselves for the dark reds and Berry colours!

First up,  Urban Decay's Naked Smokey palette. We all know I was going all kinds of crazy when this was first released. I have a whole post dedicated to this palette so I won't say too much, but the reason I included this palette was because it is perfect for the colder months. Whether you want to go for a bronzey gold, warm toned eye, or a dark blue cooler smoky eye, this palette can give you both looks with minimum effort. You can add so much depth to a smoky eye with this palette even when only choosing a couple of shades to work with. Love love love.

Next we have the Illamasqua Reflections palette. If you've read my blog from the beginning, you will know I got this palette at a discount in an online Illamasqua sale (my first ever post!). I absolutely love the burnt orange colour in this, but all four shades add a more metallic look to the eye, which I think is perfect if you're going for a matte lip. Might I add these are the creamiest shadows in the world. 

Now this one is probably the most autumnal palette I own at the moment, it's the Burgundy x 9 palette from Mac. All nine of these shades are based around burgundy plum colours, ranging from matte to shimmers. My favourite is probably the very first shade, which on the eye looks like a rosy gold colour. This teamed with those matte purples gives a perfect warm eyelid without looking too dramatic. I know it sounds ridiculous, but this palette reminds me of autumn walks when there's loads of orange and brown leaves everywhere. Yes, I think I'm losing it haha. 

Top to botttom: Rebel, Diva, Stone

So now we move on to lips. Obviously I have to mention an old favourite first. Rebel. As you can see from the picture, I'm nearly at the end of this and that's because it was one of my first ever Mac lipsticks. It's the perfect lipstick going from summer to autumn because with a gloss over the top it looks really bright and summery. However on its own, it's satin finish gives a slight shimmer but nothing too over the top. I always feel like I have to wear tights and boots with this in October/November haha. By far my favourite shade that I will continue to pull out every October!

Next up, Diva. Yes, all of the lipsticks in this post are from Mac. If you know me, you will know these are my favourite lipsticks in the world haha. Diva is a deep matte red. It can be quite dramatic so I usually tend to wear this if I'm going out of an evening in the colder months. Of course red suits everyone, but I love how it looks on Blonde's! There's just something very Gwen Stefani about it haha. 

Last, but certainly not least, we have Stone. Yes I bought this the day it came out and I am yet to use it. This is a matte, dark brown colour. I bought this when the new matte lipstick range came out at Mac, purely because I know Kim Kardashian uses it. Perfect reason I'm sure you'll agree. I will definitely be wearing this in the next few months, and I'll try to post a picture when I do. My sister has wore it for a party and it looks absolutely stunning on her! I'll try to get a picture of her wearing it.

That's everything in my autumn inspo brainstorm, I hope you find this post useful let me know in the comments if you did. Or if you can recommend any other autumnal makeup I'd love to know!

Thanks for reading x

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  1. Burgundy Times nine has been on my wish list for so long! I have Amber times but burgundy will be a great autumn/ winter palette! Great post :)


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