Saturday 12 December 2015

The Nyx Colour Correcting Palette..

So it might just be me, but until a few months ago I'd never even heard of colour correcting.. 

I thought the only thing to cover up my blemishes and dark circles was my concealer. And by concealer, I mean my Ivory shade that is just slightly lighter than my foundation. That was until I found the Nyx Colour Correcting Palette. It turns out, by applying a green (yes, green) purple, yellow or even brown shade under your usual concealer can completely change the way in which you hide your flaws.
Colour wheel courtesy of Blondeshell

When I first heard of this I was skeptical, surely brown on your dark circles couldn't possibly hide them better? Turns out it does, much better in fact. I had to find out for my own peace of mind the science behind this madness! I won't bore you with the ins and outs about the spectrum of the colour wheel, but basically certain colours will help to neutralise others, making them easier to conceal. Take this wheel for example, all the colours of the rainbow. The ones directly opposite each other neutralise each other. So green neutralises red, which is great for blemishes and areas of redness (I use this on my chin now almost everyday). Orange is opposite purple, so any nasty under eye circles you may have can be banished just by applying a stroke of orange or brown before your usual concealer. I will stress that this palette does not work on its own haha! You definitely need your usual concealer over the colours from this palette in order to not look like a crazy lady when you're done.

I love this palette from Nyx because it has 6 shades that are all fab at colour correcting. You can buy all the shades individually, I know Benefit do Lemon Aid which is really similar to this pale yellow colour in this palette, but to be honest this was £9.99 for all six shades which I thought was amazing! It is such good value for money plus all the shades are really creamy and easy to apply. I'm usually wary of using waxy/creamy products under my eyes because I don't like to drag the skin too much in that area, but these are so smooth and only require one stroke over. You get quite a bit in each pan too so I think this palette will last me quite a while. 

Nyx seem to be running the show lately I think! I purchased this palette online at Selfridges but you can also get them in Boots or Ulta if you're in the US. I have a couple of other products that I'm excited to start trying from them so I will keep you posted on that. 

Have you tried any colour correcting products? If you have any recommendations of Nyx products please let me know! 

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  1. I can't believe I still haven't got anything by NYX! 😭 This sounds amazing tho, I normally use the Max Factor's CC and they're a tenner each so maybe I should just get this! 😍

    Montse |

  2. I really love NYX as a brand, and I've got a green concealer which is perfect for my redness, so I might have to pick this up! I sounds amazing, and definitely up my street! Great review x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula


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