Thursday 25 February 2016

Charlotte Tilbury - Mini Lipstick Charms..

Introducing not one, but three miniature lipsticks from Charlotte Tilbury..

 These were part of the Christmas Trinket Treasures collection but personally I think the mini charms should be available all year round because they are so handy!

Basically, Charlotte Tilbury (who I met!! But you can read all about that here) came up with the genius idea of making her best selling lipsticks into smaller, more convenient travel size versions. The silk purple ribbon attached to each lipstick lid meant that I could hang these on the tree at Christmas for my sister (cute, I know!). I was so happy when I received them as a  gift too. They are adorable! She chose three of her iconic shades; Bitch Perfect, Penelope Pink, and So Marilyn from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G collection to be shrunk into trinket sized 1g measures. 

Top to bottom: Penelope Pink, Bitch Perfect, So Marilyn 

The mini lipsticks are great because you still get lots of use out of them, and they are fab for a night out so you aren't taking up much space in your bag. And let's face it, unless it's your infamous Velvet Teddy, how often do you actually finish a full size lipstick?? Not that often in my case as I like to switch it up every few weeks, so these are perfect for me.

These shades are all ideal for the upcoming Spring and Summer, and because they are from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G range, you can go online and see which lipsticks Charlotte herself recommends with different shadows to create iconic looks. For example, Penelope pink is inspired by Penelope Cruz, therefore the Dolce Vita look created for her was soft and sultry. It's a great way to take inspiration and recreate your own looks! You can still buy the full sized lipsticks here.

Which is your favourite from these three? I think Penelope Pink is mine!

Thanks for reading x

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