Sunday 3 April 2016

Holland & Barrett Natural Beauty Event..

I must admit, this Holland and Barrett event completely opened up my eyes to Natural Beauty..

Beauty, holland and barrett, natural beauty, beauty kitchen

Holland and Barrett organised this event in support of Natural Beauty, but when I say Natural beauty, I don't mean zero foundation with a lick of mascara. My unphotogenic face can't quite handle that little makeup just yet. I'm talking natural beauty ingredients. Hands up who turns over the bottle/tube/box on their new products to see what actually goes into them? Yep, me neither. If you do, well done. I can honestly say I never had until this day. Holland and Barrett have definitely converted me!

beauty movements, holland and barrett, natural beauty

I was invited along to The Albert Shed in Manchester by Manisha and Jade from iProspect. They were so lovely! Of course, in true blogger style, I was greeted with a glass of Prosecco and given a mini tour around each beauty stand. There was so much to look at! I'm not going to lie, I didn't know anyone who was going so it was pretty nerve wracking for me, but I'm so glad I did!

beauty kitchen, holland and barrett, natural beauty
beauty kitchen, holland and barrett, natural beauty
beauty kitchen, holland and barrett, natural beauty

I made my first stop at The Beauty Kitchen stand, where I was given a 60 second mini hand massage and exfoliation which was amazing! Jo, the Beauty Kitchen ambassador, explained to me how easy it is to actually make your own skin care products such as exfoliators and lip balms, which I'll definitely be trying out myself at some point. Their motto is 'We believe in 100% natural, 100% effective, and 100% affordable products'.  I love this because it made me realise that I do tend to neglect what I'm putting onto my skin and I really shouldn't!

holland and barrett, natural beauty, event, the good life

I don't know if its just me, but I always assumed Holland & Barrett was very much based around supplements and detox plans. How wrong I was! With over 200 beauty products on their website, I have now unlocked myself another realm of makeup to slowly work my way through.

beauty movements, holland and barrett, natural beauty

I did discover a brand I'd never even heard of before, called Beauty Movements. They pride themselves on almost all of their products being mainly natural ingredients, and are passionate in providing quality makeup without them being full of big long words we can't pronounce haha! 

The makeup artists working on the Beauty Movements counter were so talented, one of them was kind enough to test out an eyeshadow on me, however the colour was a gorgeous creamy, pale shimmer, so I asked if she could apply it as a highlighter instead. It looked so nice on over my Champagne Pop. The shadow was called Dusty Road if you're wondering.

iprospect, holland and barrett, natural beauty
iprospect, holland and barrett, natural beauty

After a lovely, healthy feast and mingling with other bloggers, we then sat down to a talk from the Beauty Marketing manager who talked us through the ingredients to look out for in products that just aren't necessary, and are more of a gimmick (i.e the ingredients that make them foam up). Let me know if you want me to do a full post on this because I did learn quite a bit about it! She also talked us through other aspects of the Holland & Barrett website, including tips, tricks, interviews and recipes that are all available for us to use at our leisure. Who'd have known that their website would be so handy?!

dr organic, holland and barrett, natural beauty, the good life

I had a mini manicure at the nail bar (vegan polishes obviously!) before speaking to the Dr Organic girls all about their fake tan and exfoliating Body Polish. I haven't used the tan yet but I used the polish before my spray tan for the wedding last week and it left my skin feeling unbelievably smooth! It felt even better knowing the product was good for my skin.

I left with a bag full of goodies from all of the brands, and since then I have been generously sent a whole load of beauty goodies from Beauty Movements which I'll be showing in a haul post very soon! The event was so much fun and I really did learn so much about what to not put onto my skin.

Do you use any Holland & Barrett products? How do you feel about organic, natural beauty?

You can shop the Natural Beauty range here.

Thanks for reading x

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