Friday, 8 April 2016

Too faced - Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara..

When your favourite product gets even better..

If you read the title of this post and thought, she bangs on about Better Than Sex way too much, then you'd be correct. HOWEVER. This is not a repeat blog post on the usual Better Than Sex. This is kind of like the better looking, younger sister to the original (story of my life). Too Faced have created a waterproof version of Better Than Sex mascara! If you know me well you'll know how happy I am about this!

First off, obviously I'm going to mention the packaging. It's still a chunky metal, but it is now a mint green shade with little 3D  splashes and droplets of water all over it. It's so cute! Connor actually picked it up the other day thinking it was wet ha!

The mascara itself I'm actually really impressed with. The brush is the same hourglass shape as the original, but the product seems slightly thicker. This is always good news for me because I love volume and length when it comes to lashes, but fail every time I attempt false lashes myself. 

I always loved the original, but could never wear it when it was too hot or to the gym because it just transferred into my eye lids. Apparently, Too Faced have added a conditioning ingredient called porcelain flower into this new formula to help nourish the lashes as you wear it. This is according to Allure, who also claim that the brand took two years perfecting the new waterproof  formula. It seems as though they've really thought about this one!

I've wore it a few times now and I'm really happy with it! It seems to actually be more black and dramatic in colour as well which is fab. I'll report back when I've wore it more but so far so good! 

Have you tried this yet? Let me know what you think! 

You can find the new Waterproof mascara here

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