Sunday 26 June 2016

The Estée Edit: Lipsticks Review

If it's good enough for Kendall Jenner, it's good enough for me..

I'll be honest, when I first looked into Estée Lauder products a few years ago, I thought they were for the more mature woman. Although I do still think this about some of the products, I do adore the skin care range now that I am in my mid twenties. 

The most recent launch from Estée Lauder, The Estee edit, is definitely aimed at the younger makeup lovers as it is a collaboration with models Kendall Jenner and Irene Kim. 

The Estee Edit is a collection of products that make up some of kendall and Irene's most favourite looks, whether than be a no makeup- makeup face, or a smoky eye and bold lip. The looks that can be created with this collection are endless because they can all be mixed and matched. 

I picked up a couple of pieces from this range when I was in America, and my best friend bought me a lipstick and liner for my birthday. Jade obviously knows me too well because she bought me the same liner that I picked up myself! 

Here's what I've got from the collection so far..

The Barest lipstick in 03 Exposed 

This lipstick is the one I picked up myself in Sephora, and I'm so glad I did! All of the shades in The Barest are inspired by concealer shades, to keep a very minimal, nude look about the lip. The Barest range are all made with Muru Muru butter to help moisturise the lips when applied. This is great as it adds a slight sheen to the lips too. The shade Exposed is very similar to Charlotte Tilbury's Nude Kate with a slightly more peach undertone. It's perfect for a no makeup makeup look! 

Side note: In the pictures, the all silver is the creamy Exposed, and the blue top is the Matte Sunday Vibe - they look very similar in the bullet!

The Barest lip liner in 03 Exposed

I picked this liner up to match the lipstick i got in Sephora, only to read online that it is better to get a liner a shade darker or lighter than your lipstick depending on what you want your lips to look like. Fail! Luckily though, Jade also picked it for me along side a Mattified lipstick and it is a shade lighter so I can wear it with that for a more highlighted, fuller lip look. The liner itself is a gorgeous colour, like nothing I have already because it is so nude. My only complaint on this is that because it's a twist up liner and can't be sharpened, it feels as though you have to go over your lips quite a bit with it in order for it to be seen. Whereas if it could be sharpened I think I could add more pressure and therefore get the look I want first time. It's still a lovely shade though and looks great with both lipsticks. 

The Barest Mattified Lipstick in Sunday Vibe 

Last but certainly not least, Sunday Vibe. This was my birthday present off Jade and I haven't put it down since she gave it to me. As you can guess, it's a completely matte lipstick, but it is infused with 20% conditioning oils so it won't leave your lips all dry and cracked. The shade Sunday Vibe is a very bare matte shade, with pink undertones leaving your lips a shade better than their original. This is one of the most hydrating matte lipsticks I've tried I was really impressed!

I also got some samples from jade of the Flip shade transformers which I'm yet to try. They come in the shades Turn Up - Yellow to brighten and Turn Down - Black to deepen. I'll let you know how I get on with those!

There are around 80 pieces in this collection including eyeshadow palettes and skincare, so let me know if you've tried any and recommend. The two lipsticks have been my go to shades since I got them so I'm excited to try more in the range. Head over to my Instagram (@whathayleythinks) later on today as I'll be swatching the lipsticks on there.

Thanks for reading x

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