Sunday 18 September 2016

Why I've been inconsistent - Life Update

Maybe you've noticed my posts have been a little sporadic lately..

That would be correct. I thought I may as well stick a quick update up to explain why, and to say thank you to everyone who still reads anyway (I see you!).

I wrote one of these when I first got back from my holiday, firstly to say how amazing it was and secondly to let everyone know I was now engaged. This was me thinking this would be the biggest life event I would share on my blog all year.. How wrong was I?!

Four days after getting back from America, I found out I was pregnant. 

It wasn't a complete shock because it was something we had planned, we just never thought it would happen so soon ha! We know we are very lucky for this.

Never the less it still made me think, H O L Y S H I T. Connor had just gone back to work for 3 weeks so I had a million things going around in my head.

It was about 2 weeks after this that I started feeling it a little more. Aka I was sick for the next 8 weeks haha. It's such a weird feeling because to be working and constantly throwing up is horrendous, but knowing that your baby is growing inside of you makes it all worth while.

I've now just passed 17 weeks and I'm waiting on feeling my baby kick for the first time. I hope he/she can wait a couple more weeks so that Connor is home to feel it too. My sickness has worn down and apart from the occasional migraine I'm feeling slightly more human than the last few months.

I'm sorry for the inconsistency of my blog posts lately I'm trying to get back into my regular Sunday posts now that I feel more myself.

I recently did a poll on Twitter asking my followers and readers if they would like to see more lifestyle posts rather than just all beauty, to which I got an 80% yes vote! That is the main reason I've thrown this post together just to update you on what's been happening.

Thanks for bearing with me while my posts have been all over the place, I do really appreciate it!

As always, thanks for reading x



  1. So made up for you both. You're going to be amazing parents. Congrats ������

  2. Aw that's amazing congratulations xx


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