Monday 31 October 2016

10 things no one tells you about being pregnant..

A slight change from the white background lipstick shots..

I thought I'd do this quick post that isn't beauty related after the fab response I had on Twitter. Obviously buying makeup hasn't been at the top of my to do list lately and because of that my blog has taken a back seat. My pregnancy is flying and there's a lot of things I didn't know about being pregnant that I've found out along the way. I'm 24 weeks this week meaning I'm exactly 6 months, it feels so real now! Here's a little list of things I've picked up from my experience so far.. 

1. Your face can get plumper as well as your belly
2. People think they can just touch your belly without asking
3. You get told how big you look pretty much everyday 
4. The hospital don't actually confirm your pregnancy to you at your first appointment 
5. You will end up googling everything. And I mean everything
6. Your body can become really itchy for no apparent reason
7. Your hair and skin can be different, my hair is really oily one week then really dry the week after
8. You will cry because you're hungry, then cry because you're full, then cry because you keep crying 
9. Sometimes (in my case) you don't actually feel big movements from your baby until you're between 5-6 months
10. You can be put off your favourite food completely. (RIP Chinese food 😭) 

These are all things I've noticed that I didn't even think about when we spoke about having a baby, things like changes in your hair etc I think are crazy!

I've added bump update pictures even though I feel awkward taking them ha!

These were both taken at Week 22, so I'm slightly bigger already I just haven't gotten round to taking another yet.

  Side note: The top I was trying on below I didn't buy for obvious clingy reasons ha! I took the picture to give Connor a laugh at how huge I look!

I hope you liked this post I know it's slightly different to my standard beauty posts but as you can imagine its been more baby than makeup shopping lately! Let me know in the comments if you liked this more personal post. 

Thanks for reading x

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