Sunday 18 December 2016

3 palettes to buy any beauty addict this Christmas..

If you're struggling to buy someone makeup this Christmas, maybe this will help..

I thought I'd put this post together due to seeing so many boyfriends, brothers and even mums struggling last week. I saw 3 boys crowding around the Naked palettes in Urban Decay, scratching their heads and FaceTiming their (what I assume to be) girlfriends friends. It made me laugh because I know Connor would probably be exactly the same if he was trying to buy me makeup! Although one year he did admit he kind of cheated and used the Mac online chat to get the girls to tell him what was new and what was popular at the time. That was a good year to be fair ha!

Anyway, this is a quick post to help anyone out that's struggling this week. I hope it helps at least one! These three palettes are not all brand new (except one) but they will most definitely put a smile on any makeup lovers face on Christmas Day.

Anastasia Beverley Hills - Ultimate Glow Kit.

Yep, not just your standard glow kit. The new ULTIMATE glow kit from Anastasia Beverley Hills. With 6 limited edition velvety shades that can be used dry as highlighters or wet as eyeshadows, I'm sure any girl would love to wake up to this Christmas morning. I haven't actually tried these out yet but I've tried her other Glow Kits so if they are anything to go by it will be amazing! It isn't available to buy in the UK yet but it will be this week. You can join the waiting list on Cult Beauty here. FYI this was picked up for me from NYC I'm not special ha!

Pretty, Fun and Fearless palette by Ciaté.

To be honest I didn't hear much hype about this palette I just sort of stumbled upon it online last week but oh my god I love it! It's a collaboration palette between Ciaté and YouTuber Chloe Morello and it is beaut. Ciaté are mainly known for nail care but the quality of these shadows is fab, they are super buttery and the colour pay off in my opinion is similar to that of Lorac. The palette is mainly warm tones with a few cooler ones along the bottom, and is balanced out at 9 matte shades and 6 shimmers. The palette itself is £45 and comes with a mini mascara, a velvet liquid lipstick and a faux leather makeup pouch. [Update: this current palette is out of stock and doesn't seem to be returning to the beauty world any time soon (sad face emoji!) instead shop the new and updated volume II of the palette here!---> Chloe Morello Beauty Haul Vol. I]

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics palette.

Out of all of my Urban decay palettes, this is my most recent yet my most used of them all. If you're buying a palette as a gift and you're wondering which to get I don't think you can go wrong with this! If you're buying for yourself I definitely don't think you'll be disappointed ha! It is made up of 12 matte shades, again a mixture of cool and warm tones. These are all brand new shades so you won't be doubling up on any if you have a Basics palette already. You can buy this palette for £38.50 from any Urban Decay counter, but I'll leave a link for it here.

I hope this post was useful I genuinely think all of these palettes are fab!

Thanks for reading x


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