Sunday 22 January 2017

Liptensity by Mac..

Not your usual Mac lipstick..

I feel as though I'm always starting blog posts with excuses on why I haven't blogged, so today I'll just say I know I've won the worst blogger award ha! 

I got these a couple of weeks ago from Mac and I had to share them because I was really impressed. They are perfect for any makeup lover because they aren't the usual standard black packaging of the classic Mac lipstick. Liptensity are a new gel formula created to give extra dimension and vibrancy to the lips. The colours are a lot more pigmented in one stroke than the usual Mac lipsticks so less product is needed.

At first I thought they felt quite like they were dragging on my lips but I've realised its a product that works well the heat. When it first touches your lips if you hold it there for a second it quickly warms up and melts as it glides, leaving a lovely satin finish.

I love the packaging of these lipsticks because the colour on the lid is true to the actual shade. I picked up three shades because let's face it why would you just get one ha!

These are the shades I picked up..

Medium Rare - a sheeny soft pink

Driftwood - a soft lilac beige

Doe - a creamy neutral brown

Obviously as you can see I started using driftwood and Doe before I had photographed them for my blog but they are the only thing I've been wearing lately!

There are 24 shades of Liptensity in total and they retail for £17.50. Let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading x

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