Monday 6 February 2017

Worst Beauty Blog Ever?

So I have some confessions to make. I'm cheating on Bobbi Brown with Tommee Tippee. I've traded palettes for pacifiers, and my most used product at the minute is Bio Oil. Worst beauty blog ever, I know..

Let's all laugh together at the fact that I thought maternity leave would mean lots of time for blogging. How wrong was I?! 

I started this blog because I was obsessed with buying makeup and it was the only reason I could think of to justify buying so much to Connor. It worked for a while but I think he did click after some time that writing about makeup was just making my obsession even worse. These days though, although I still wear makeup most days, things have changed slightly. Instead of setting up cute flat lays for my face of the day, I spend my time checking, double checking, and then re checking I have everything ready for the baby coming.
         I'm finding the most random places in my house and asking Connor to move things about so I can clean behind them. I wouldn't call it 'nesting' as such I think my mind is just in overdrive. I have so many lists on my phone, then lists of lists and then I screen shot a list and send it to Connor so he can remind me to check the list. Madness ha!

 But seeing as I haven't played with much new makeup (although I have so much to show on here!) I wanted to put something up anyway just to show I'm still alive ha.

Connor went away yesterday (yes 2 weeks before my due date, fab) which means next week I plan to just relax in the house on my own and let my maternity leave really start. As much as I have been relaxing the past couple of weeks, Connor has been climbing the walls a bit so I've been trying to compromise by dragging my fat ass out every now and again to socialise. I'm thinking this week while he's gone I'll try to get some of my new makeup up on the blog, but let's face it ever since I've been pregnant I've been useless at blogging ha! We will see.

Anyway I'll stop rambling on because this post is a bit pointless but hopefully I'll get another post up at some point before the baby is here.

This was me at 36 weeks +2 days (I'm now 37 +5 days)  and I feel twice the size now and my bump feels slightly lower. She's on her way I think! Hopefully once we get into a routine when she's here I will organise my time better for blogging.. Don't quote me on that though!

Thanks for reading x

Ps as if I'm having a baby!!


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