Saturday 12 August 2017

5 things that don't have to change when you have a baby..

When I was pregnant last year, I read a lot of new Mum blogs and articles, trying to prepare myself fully for something that no one could ever have prepared me for. 
I would read all about how new Mum's lives had changed, been turned upside down, and about how everything was completely different to what it was. 

As excited as I was to meet my baby, part of me was nervous after reading these types of experiences. I remember one sticking in my head which read, 'say goodbye to your old life'

To be honest it was really daunting for me. I would think well actually I like my life, my naps, makeup, cocktails etc! Would I really have to say goodbye to all of what I enjoy currently?! 

Well to be honest, the answer is no

Of course in the first few months whilst adjusting you do have a big lifestyle change, which is a pretty obvious statement to make! However I wanted to write this post for any new Mum or Mum to be's reading the same articles I did and shitting themselves, because it's not as bad as they make out. 

Here are five things you don't have to say goodbye to when you have a baby. 

Wearing makeup

 Yes you may have to do it quicker, and you may have to skip the wings every now and again. But I still have time for a full face pretty much every morning! If you wore makeup before having a baby, you're probably great at putting it on speedily anyway, it's just about using your time wisely. I.e - the morning nap!


 To be really honest, I struggled with this one when Connor first went away. I used to think how on Earth do I shower when she sleeps without waking her up?? Will I ever shower again?? Ha! The answer to my problems was that good old bouncy chair. Rosie loves playing peekaboo when I'm in the shower! No it's not how I used to shower (a generous 30-40 mins) but at least my hair is washed and Rosie is happy.

Your Fashion Sense

 This one only actually clicked with me about two weeks ago, but it has made such a difference. I was wondering why I felt crappy and 'mumsy' when I was out one day, and I realised it was my shoes. I had trainers on, when I used to always wear heeled ankle boots before I had Rosie. I only actually stopped when I was 8 months pregnant because my feet swelled up.  I think maybe it was my posture, because you naturally walk taller when in heels. So I dragged my boots out of my wardrobe, put them back on and I felt so much more like my old self. It sounds so daft, but it really made a difference for me. It's probably more psychological than anything but if a small change like that can make you feel better then I'm all for it. You don't have to lose all your fashion sense when you become a mother.


Anyone who knows me knows I used to be a Nap Queen. Pretty much everyday after work I would happily have a power hour and not feel guilty whatsoever. So when I read online that I would basically never ever sleep ever again after having a baby I didn't know how I would cope! The reality of it is, babies do sleep. So many people told me to 'sleep when the baby sleeps' when I was pregnant. The reality of that is you have to prioritise, if you want to wear makeup that day, you can't nap with her morning nap. If you don't want to wear creased clothes that day, you then also have to skip napping. I'm lucky because Rosie has been sleeping through from 10 weeks old, and she is 6 months old in two weeks. She goes to sleep between 7-8 and the majority of nights, she sleeps til 7am. I know this won't be the case for everyone and Rosie has quite a regimented bedtime routine, but what I'm saying is you will sleep again (even if in the first couple of months it doesn't feel like you will!). 

Time to yourself 

This was also a big thing for me, I was used to spending time on my own (when Connor was away) and I loved it (no offence Connor). I'm quite happy in the house on my own, and I love having time to myself. So to read that I would never get this time again made me panic that my life was going to be completely different. 

The reality of it is as I said above. Babies sleep. Yes Rosie wants to play all day and at the minute wants to be constantly entertained and gets bored very easily, but from 8pm onwards, I'm pretty much able to relax and wind down from the day. Side note - Let's be real, this is after putting toys away, cleaning up, steriliser on, cooking tea.. So its probably around 9:30pm when I start to chill ha! Sometimes I will use this time to put on a face mask and write a blog post. Other times I will sit on my phone for a good hour and a half tagging my sister in memes and not feel guilty for it. My point is you do get time to yourself once you have a routine in place. 

Your life does change drastically when you have a baby, but you do not have to lose parts of yourself because you become a mother. And you most certainly don't have to say goodbye to your old life!

I hope this post is useful for at least one person, I know I'd have appreciated reading something like this when I was pregnant! 

Tag a new mum and let me know if it helps. 

Thanks for reading x

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