Sunday 6 August 2017

Makeup Bag Refresh

So since having Rosie, this has transitioned from a primarily beauty blog, to a more lifestyle all round kinda blog. As you can probably imagine, adjusting to life with a newborn meant...

I wasn't roaming BeautyBay or Selfridges all the time for the latest beauty bits. 

How I let it get this far I don't know, but it seemed around 6/7 months had passed and the most I had spent on makeup was £9.99 for a True Match at Boots. Side note - loveeee Loreal True Match for a cheaper foundation I think it's the best 'high street' alternative out there. It was only last week when I was dusting my brush around the almost empty pan of my powder that I thought, Hayley get your shit together. 

Just because I'm a Mum it doesn't mean I suddenly have to chuck on whatever makeup is in my bag and make do, which is what I've been doing recently. That's not how I used to be and just because I don't have as much time these days and I do my makeup quickly whilst Rosie naps, doesn't mean I shouldn't find time to update my makeup collection with new pieces and old favourites every now and again.

I had some 'Mum Guilt' but I think that's normal now because I feel we should spend every penny on Rosie. I think it's easy to feel as though you've lost yourself a bit when you have a baby, and that's how I was feeling a bit last week. So, where better to find yourself than the Selfridges website?! Haha, this is what I got..

Mac Studio Fix Fluid (my shade is NC15) 

All of these are my favourites, I've used them all 2/3 times before and I know that I absolutely love them. Doing my makeup is so much more enjoyable with fresh products! 

Just a quick beauty post today, I'm easing myself back in to it ha! I've decided to do my Sunday Reflecting posts fortnightly instead, so that will be back next week.

Thanks for reading x

Another side note - ignore the hand wash, we had ran out and I forgot to take it out of the pictures ha xx 

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  1. Too faced better than sex is my go to, fail safe holy grail mascara. I've never tried the waterproof version, I'm scared it won't be the same!

    Courtney | Lashes and Luxe


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