Thursday 3 August 2017

My 3 Newborn Essentials..

Last week I wrote about 3 things I wish I hadn't bought for Rosie before she was born, so this week I thought I would do my must haves. Obviously this is just my opinion and personal preference, and these are just things that really helped me out.

Ewan the Dream Sheep

Wow, Ewan. To say he helped me out would be an understatement. Ewan is a little sheep teddy that plays a lullaby for twenty minutes when you press his foot. He also has a warm red light that mimics what a baby sees when in the womb, and plays heartbeat noises behind the lullaby or on their own. The first time I used him was when Rosie was around 4 weeks old, and I wondered how I had managed without him. She literally fell to sleep as soon as she looked at him I was shocked! He really soothes her at bedtime and she has been sleeping through the night since she was 10 weeks old. She's 6 months next week it's going so quick! I haven't needed to try any other sleeping aids for now because Ewan is still working great at bedtime.

Side note; Ewan's tail is Velcro so he is strapped to her cot, meaning he can't fall on her face

Sleepyhead Deluxe Pod

Another item I think plays a huge part in Rosie sleeping through the night is her Sleepyhead. If you don't know, this is a breathable nest that goes inside of her cot. Rosie loves feeling secure and likes the side of her face touching the side of the nest. We originally had a Purflo Nest from Boots which are cheaper, but we swapped to a Sleepyhead when Rosie had her hip brace on because the bottom end opens up for when they start growing, so it gave her legs more space.

A bouncy chair or bean bag

As I mentioned in my previous post, Rosie didn't really get on with the Mamaroo, and it was just by chance I had bought the £25 Chad Valley bouncer from Argos. Originally this was supposed to be just an easy chair for me to carry up and downstairs when Connor was away, but ended up being the one we use all the time. Between this and her bean bag chair, they have been lifesavers for her silent reflux. She would often get upset feeding when lay down, so we would put her in the bouncy chair and feed her in that. Because she was sat up, she wouldn't be in any pain with the reflux.

This pic was first thing the other morning, I could eat her!

These are just a few things that really helped me in the first few months, I hope this is helpful to someone!

Thanks for reading x

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