Sunday 30 July 2017

Sunday Reflecting #3

I actually really look forward to writing this post. I've been enjoying taking the time to sit and think about some of the positives from the previous week. These are my highlights from this week...

Papa came home

Connor's Dad also works away, and he was slightly worried that Rosie wouldn't be familiar with him when he came home. She has a real soft spot for her Papa, and gave him the biggest smiles straight away. Seeing both of their faces light up was really lovely.

Sensory class

Rosie loves this class! We go every Thursday morning and she really enjoys the lights and playing with different materials. Seeing her study each new texture for the first time makes me so happy, and I know she'll be off exploring the room herself as soon as she can crawl. We made a picture for Connor last week, I think I was more chuffed than Rosie haha.

(she was so sleepy when I took this picture, the class tires her out ha)

Being organised

For the past 2-3 weeks now I have used a five day planner to get my ass into gear and make the most of my week days. I think it's easy when on maternity leave for the week to pass you by and not feel as though you have done much. I bought this little planner from TK Maxx and I write out on a Monday my meals for the week, 2-3 housework tasks for each day, any appointments we have booked and some plans for the week for myself and Rosie. It might sound daft to some people but I think personally having everything written down and checking it every day makes me stick to it better and be productive. I love ticking things off ha!

My little cousins

Nancy and Harry. They are seven and four, and although I know I'm biased, they are two of the most kind hearted and polite children I have ever come across. Since having Rosie they have both been smitten with her and will work so hard to steal a smile from her! Yesterday we went food shopping and they were singing to her and holding her hand. Rosie was loving it and so were they. I hope they stay this close growing up! They are the perfect role models for Rosie so I love her being around them. This is a little note Nancy wrote for us and slipped it into our bag last week. The sweetest thing!

I hope you enjoy my highlights as much as I do, let me know in the comments either way.

Thanks for reading x

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