Friday 28 July 2017

3 things I regret buying for Rosie..

I had such good intentions when buying these things whilst pregnant. Little did I know we were throwing money down the drain..

The Mama Roo

We got this for 2 reasons.. one being I had heard it was a lifesaver. And the second being because Connor thought it was amazing that you could control the motions via an app. 5 months in and ask me where that chair is? In the corner of my dressing room along with several palettes and other lovely things I rarely have time for these days. The Mama Roo (or 4moms as it is also known) worked until Rosie was about a month old. As soon as the Reflux and Colic kicked in, those swaying and rocking motions only frustrated her even more. So this £140 (Black Friday sale price might I add) all singing all dancing chair was swapped for a Fisher Price 25 quid bouncer. And she still to this day loves that one. Moral of the story; the expensive one isn't necessarily the best one!

Side note:  How was my baby ever this tiny?!

Water Wipes

Being a first time mum I had all these great intentions of what I was going to do and use etc etc. So when myself and Connor ventured out to a baby and toddler event in Manchester and saw the Water Wipes stall we were intrigued as to what was so different about them. To be fair they are exactly what they claim to be, 99% water and suitable from birth because they are so gentle on the baby's skin.

We bought a box of the wipes (10 packs for about £15) and we were pretty happy wth our purchase. Until the baby arrived and we had to ring each wipe out before we used it because they were soaking wet and therefore freezing! Wet wipes are cold anyway on a baby's skin without the added water dripping onto them and leaving their skin really damp. We used up the box and swiftly moved on to Aldi's Mamia sensitive wipes which I 100% recommend as an alternative.

The Moses Basket

Sooo many people told me not to get a Moses basket. They said their babies never slept in them and they were a waste of money. Did I listen? Nope. Hence the beautiful Peter Rabbit Moses basket that sits lovely in my living room and is used as storage for Rosie's teddies, blankets and toys.

Rosie slept in the basket when she was around 2 weeks old, probably a maximum of about 5 times. After that, as soon as we put her down in it she would wake up and get upset. We discovered that she loves to sleep with something on her face like a comforter (much to my constant worry) and she also prefers to feel secure in a nest rather than left to roam free.

So these are my main 3 regretful purchases before Rosie was born. To be fair you only get to know what your baby likes when they get here, and every baby is different. I hope you liked this mum post it's slightly different from me! Let me know in the comments if there's something you regret buying. I plan to do a best buys post as well maybe next week.

Thanks for reading x

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