Tuesday 13 February 2018

Alabama’s All American Eatery

Seeing as it’s Pancake Day, I thought it was only fair I share this post today seeing as they make my unicorn pancakes that Rosie and I had look crap in comparison. If you haven’t met already, let me introduce you to Alabama’s American Eatery...

I’m gonna go as far as saying they are THE BEST PANCAKES I HAVE EVER TASTED.  And I’ve tasted a lot of pancakes. 
Alabama’s is a discreet, cafe style restaurant in the centre of Manchester. My friend Emily recommended this place to me and wow was we grateful. Some days we go for breakfast and we really fancy something light like avocado on toast, but on this occasion we were in search of some good old American pancakes. 

The pancakes at Alabama’s are actually really fluffy inside so they don’t feel heavy after the first bite. The portion sizes are insane, we couldn't believe the size of the pancake stacks when we first walked in! You might be able to see from the picture that one of my pancakes was slightly burnt on one side, but the lashings of maple syrup and the SIX pieces of streaky bacon definitely made up for it. Yes there were six pieces of bacon and yes I devoured every one of them. No judging here. 

I ordered pancakes with streaky bacon and maple syrup, while Connor went for Banoffee pancakes with sugared pecans. Connor was hungry so he also ordered the steak and cheese baguette (does anybody else’s boyfriend order two meals when eating somewhere new??) which was also amazing. Without sounding like an M&S advert, the picture of the steak doesn't do it justice because underneath the melted cheese was a mixture of caramelised onions and peppers along with the most tender, flavoursome steak. I should not be writing this whilst hungry!

Even though we went on a Wednesday morning, the place was still packed but the waiters and the chef had everything under control. It’s an open kitchen so we could actually see this one chef preparing every meal and we couldn’t believe how chilled he was! 

Connor and I have tried quite a few places in Manchester now for breakfast/ brunch and this was by far my favourite. I actually can’t believe somewhere has kicked Home Sweet Home from the top spot but it has happened I’m afraid, it was bloody devine. 

Happy pancake day!

Thanks for reading x

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