Sunday 17 June 2018

Happy Father's Day..

Father's day has always been a strange one for me. Growing up not seeing my Dad meant I always felt weird on this day. I used to feel awkward if my Mum didn't offer to buy a card for me to send, thinking that he would be sat wondering why I hadn't. As I got older I realised that chances are this was unlikely. I learnt to appreciate the amount my Mum did for me, and the strange feelings on this day gradually faded away. I remember making my Mum a Father's Day card one year because the reality was that for a long time she was playing both roles in my life. 

Now that I have my own family, it has opened my eyes to what a Dad actually is. As strange as it sounds, I used to just assume that your Mum loved you more than your Dad and that was just how it was. I thought every family was the same whether people lived with their Dad's or not. Only now when I see the love that Connor has for Rosie have I realised that the unconditional love he has for her is exactly what I have.

I understand what a Dad is now. A Dad is someone that annoys his daughter by constantly kissing her cheeks. Saying 'Good morning my Princess' to her every morning. Working hard so that she wants for nothing. Taking her in the pool on holiday at 7pm when it's freezing because she loves it. Being fiercely protective of her. Encouraging her to eat all kinds of foods, some that even I haven't tried. Letting her soak you by splashing when she's in the bath. Breaking out into 'Wheels on the bus' in a restaurant because she gets the sudden urge to sing and dance and wants you to join in with her. 

Since having Rosie, Connor has opened my eyes to what a Father really should be, and has already exceeded any negative expectations I previously had. 

Happy Father's Day to Rosie's Daddy and all the other amazing Dad's out there, and to all the Mum's doing it by themselves. 

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  1. Father's Day is an odd day for me too as I lost my Dad 14 years ago. This was such a lovely post to read - I'm glad that you've now seen what a father should be! x

  2. I'm the same. I don't have my dad in my life so it's a strange one for me too! I just celebrate it with my Mam, my Mam plays both roles in my life so I always get her a card and some flowers! Mam's rock! x

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  4. Such a lovely post to see how your views have changed on it.
    I’ve been so lucky to have the special relationship and bond I have with my dad.

  5. Lovely Post! And I feel the same I havent had my dad in my life since I was 9 so Fathers Day is a bit strange!
    Sarah X

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